my first youtube Beauty Video

Omg! I can't believe I'm videoing myself, like seriously!

Please forgive me for those nitty Gritty mistakes made in the video, I knew I'll definitely improve in time.

I'm doing a review on creams that works like a blusher, except that it last throughout the entire day without needing to touch up.
It does magic on skin areas like cheeks and lips, making it lasting pink.
It is said to work on other areas of the body! Do Watch my video for more.
I personally prefer Tifafine better as it is easier to control & apply.

Princess Pinki

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Tifafine (available in Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan)




Please visit web in chinese:

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wayangtimes said...

hey this is a nice first attempt :)

but you should consider turning off the player as it interrupts your video.

dblchin said...

thanks wayang! I've turn it off alrdy

Kelvin said...

Not bad for a 1st timer^^
Will u be doing videos of ur daily life too?

dblchin said...

Hmmmm...I'm not sure, I'm more into beauty n stuff but I definitely would like to video other interesting stuffs.

Rheea said...

Good attempt, Clara! I may be rather lazy when comes to putting these stuffs onto my face but I surely admire your passion and courage. Jia you!!

candy said...

hey babe!

may i know how much is tifafine? Do they sell it in sg? I am using princesspinki but I dun really like the wayang colour(purplish pink) so I alw spread on tissue 1st then press the tissue on my lips. It is more natural this way but abit troublesome. Is tifafine's colour more natural and more baby pinkish??