Coraline in 3D

Directed by Henry Selick' , here come another Kickass animation 'Coraline', similar genre to the past 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. Both portrayed Vivid Colours in the realm of darkness & this time, they are back for even more.

When I got selected to go for a movie preview of Coraline by , I got really excited, like this.

when I'm told to write a review on the show... I really wanted to F'ck myself up.
I'm sure I could do it.
I believe with heart n soul, shit will turn gold someday.


I got to catch e show in 3D for the first time. Like an orgasmic Virgin.

I truly enjoyed every animation I've watched in the theaters & for this there is no exception:

an active young lady living in e new neighborhood, with some wierd neighbours & a pair of busy parents.
Her parents are constantly drowning themselves with work.
to her, life's mundane.
her mum's a lousy cook.
her mum buys her boring clothes.
She loathes it.
one night,
She discovered another realm through a tiny door she found earlier in the day.

Through that door, is another Coraline's world.
The same house with the same parents EXCEPT that, their roles are completely different.
Her parents are no longer occupied with work, her mother cooks deliciously & her father waters the garden with beautiful flowers.
So she grew more n more attached with the 'other world'
& from time to time again, she escapes to that wonderful place.
How great is that???
But for one thing, the eyes of the parents in 'another world' are sewed with buttons & Coral ought to do the same if she wants to live with them.
Now Coraline faces close encounter with her buttoned-eyed-mother in trying to escape this seemingly fabulous world.
Her daring adventures begins.
she got to get back her old life,
to her old parents,
and her mundane life.

I do enjoy the show quite a bit N I like it with the glasses though. However, it sorta drives me a little dizzy watching 3D probably because the glasses are kinda heavy for my frame.
Well.... nevertheless, the bursting color hues in Coraline's the 'other world' practically drives me crazy! I dig the dynamic shades soooo much I wish I could paint my room like that. This show is indeed terrifyingly brilliant. It is kinda Creepy in its own way, at some point my heart actually fluttered to the beat of the suspense. I enjoyed the colours, the storyline & the HUGE part where her weird neighbors mis-pronounced her name 'CAROLine' instead of 'CORALine'.(SPOLIER ALERT, highlight to read missing message above.)

In conclusion, I shall rate this like a real critic.

7/10 stars.
A deserving show to catch.

Last but not least.

They said I could bring a friend & I brought my boyFRIEND.


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