Dedication to the late departed.

We weren't a very close bunch,
Neither do we hit off well,
We are just acquaintances.
that sometimes.
I always tried annoying him by calling 'Luohan' in the name of Farhan,
Instead of giving that frown,
he does it with one erected brow n a smile on his face.
That's the deepest impression
he had on me.
N for that,
He had cast a 'forget me not'
in my life.
This very day,
I dedicate this entry,
to a bubbly young man,
in a better place.
where the angels hover around his league.
Where he rest peacefully
in the warmth of
god's arms.
kins & friends that he had left
on this earthy ground,
brace up,
for you know
he is somewhere better n stronger.
and now,
I shall make a closure
For the late departed,
my friend.

Dear Farhan,
01/05/1983 ~18/10/2009

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