Yay~! Off to Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Finally after much consideration, the boys decided to get a set of Wii. Heading off the usual protocol, the men will b fishing out $ from their pockets & my duty???

OF course checking out their loots.

usually a hardcore game fanatic like me (although I know I sucked terribly) will definitely squeak in delight for ‘FREE’ games that comes with the bundle pack. BUT….WTF!!!! Seriously, free is not necessary acceptable in such context because all complimentary games are from dinosaurland… ie. “Mario brothers 2” since 1989, Ice climber, bomberman (ancient version)… I pouted my lips & yelled in dissatisfaction.

Zj just gave me the ‘bo bian’ look & ask me to wait for ‘cooking mama’ by snail mail…

The colour of Wii is just seemingly chic! White with Blue LCD light & perfectly manage to make itself totally beng-less from the LCD light whereby u can c from most ah bengs car. I totally worshipped the Japanese , creative n sick.

Anyways… let’s cut my apologue short, we shall go check out my dynamic camwhoring with Wii.

Don’t blink!
Don’t blink!
Don’t blink! hor.

On the way to Purchase Wii!

Appeased with their purchases, the boys set in for dinner

Mr Mega glutton

The famished sonny.

me & my sweet pea.

Pls...camwhore me crazy...

Yay! Checking out the gadget!

E erm controller with protective silicon cover.

Shiok right~!


Pls fully equip yourself with all sorts of narcissist frenzy


Mega lurves the LCD lights.

One fer me & another also fer me...

Having fun!

Pls don't mind my super whooper mega fugly damaged hair.

ZJ & Nai, Thanks for sharing~


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i never said i wanna share!

ZQ @ Travel Blog said...

hi dblchin

Your blog looks ok now.. :-) different from the last time i visited