NANA's bday~

I Always dig celebrations, especially with my gurlfriends~

They are such special bunch; some r cute, some r hot, a few saucy & some chic. well... of course ONE of em r wholly demure-ish & that....ahem...concludes me, thunk you.

Well... If there's only 1 thing I could do to affirm their identity.

I'd say...




They manifest most of my blog entries.... Is that enuf said fer my love to these sweet sugaries?

Another day,

another way.

On Our big dolly's bday,

we have all come out to play~

These cheesy guys,

They are more than happy to b @ bay.

Look @ them smile...

Like complete chee koh pek.

Jojo...the camera witch.

Started threatening my life with those pin hole snaps.

This is my cam-battle.

Dun soot me...

I'll Soot u back!

Hey knock it off mate!

Enuf! Grrrrrrrr!!!

Our poor bday gurl is sandwiched in between our war of cam.

A few profiles...

I've click, tap, snap.

Elementary shot, our girl celebrating her natal day~

With My magic fingers, I've photoshopped this man's zits away.

The camWAR witch.

For once... I declare victory!

Pussy kitty.

& yes. Shes my discount coupon.

Matty likes to talk funny.


Like the strongest in fit


e slowest in our game of pit.

This man...

Constantly blocking our view...poor dana & me

We are most delighted to hv his zit is caught on camera

Watch the way they acted demurely....

I've only 2 words,

"kan hiao"

Our bond is indescribable

So lucid & pristine...

With a lil kooky phrase~

The sweet lil gifts from them...

Melts like choco in your mouth.

The chronic hinder of this man getting in my way has finally gets his own taste.


Ndrew with the hammer


Vid's half face.

We drew nonsenses,

Till the point of no return.

Dana drew salt & pepper.


I thought that's a funny Dick

Vid drew something.

like accessories.

I thought is a beard on a lass.

I thought Merlion comes from harbour front.

So I drew...

In the end...

They fuck my brain upside down...

I camwhore a lil more with my witch

& then we say bye bye peeps~

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