Ah... posting solved..for now...

Finally for once, blogspot is back to its lucid self after miniscule configuration. All thanks to the Google HELP FORUM . I believed this issue has affected countless singnet users; unable to compose due to large flocking of html codes (instead of pictures) on post entry, compose & text bar long gone. Please click on the link for more information.

I'm like feel so fuckstrated the whole damned week trying to figure what went wrong & my frds have been pushing me to upload last weekend rendezvous. I might hav just gone lucky for now, just for now. I'll better blog to catch up my past absence.

& No, being 'Forgotten' is not gratifying at all.

Last wkend, We had fun time bbq-ing @ loyang.

I woke up @ 10.00am to get ready for groundwork.

Rinsed the hot-dogs & crab meats, trimmed down the antenna & rostrum of the prawns, marinated the mid-joints (comparable to 85 market hor!), dug scones on the centre-island of the potato & stuffed them with butter, glazed the corns & 9999999999999999999 gazillion preparations. I ought to get an award for 100% effort &.....

I got a peck (duh!only 1) on the cheek & a thumbs-up from my bf.

The big boy starting fire.
I prayed hard & hope he don't burn down the whole neighborhood.

Peng-ing the food! awaiting..

Is that a sign of showing-off?

Now u know how lame boys can get.


er...No... I mean..

GooOooooOOOOoogle~ finally foods serve on platter!

From dawn peng until dusk.
I had to pull a funny act behind the foggy soot.

They say ugly people makes the most noise.

Indeed. true.


Late comers (those on the left) ought to b hanged!

I love baby lester, so cute!
Wat a splitting image.

The pedophile and the kid

The lady & still... the pedophileI love babies! They make me happi.

Finally... a lil chat & thats the end!


emily said...

wow got bbq no call me !

wayangtimes said...

visited! and ponged. oh my missing bbq food and those days at chalets and east coast park. *slurp*

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