Robinsons Expo '09
25 June 2009 - 05 July 2009

Event type : EXPO
Venue : Hall 5
Admission : Public Free admission
Event Schedules : Time:10.30am to 10pm

Headed down to a Robinsons sale yesterday for a quick buy & guess what I’ve bought?!

3 items of every kind! Brasseries, panties & Loreal stuff! whooooo~ euphoric!


Loreal waterproof eye makeup remover is so good I had to rave about it. It really removes all traces of your eye makeup PLUS it doesn’t cloud your eye at all. Is so gentle, it serves as a great tool for removing my falsies and dark eye makeup during a heavy night out. Having it at a 20% + 20% disc (almost good whole 40%), is nothing more than a great buy! Original price $13.90 & after almost ½ the price cut, is $ 8.90!!! I heart this product so much I had to get 2 of them.

I have also purchase a gentle milk cleanser @ $9.50 (original $14.90) for everyday use. I don’t in particular wear makeup everyday but without a doubt, I’ll smear sunblock on my face for protection. Thus I needed a ‘economical’ milk cleanser to remove all traces of sunscreen paste. When days that I doll up, I’ll use my prescribed milk cleanser frm DRX.

Bras from lasenza going @ $19/pc, regardless of the Sizes, cups & padding.

NO padding also $19, Thick Padding also $19, yay!

Small Cup also $19, LARGE cupping also $19, Boo!

Everything nineteen BUCKS! Yay! Boo! Yay! Boo!!!

panties gg at $9.90 for 3, excellent buy right?! Ya laugh at me being all you want but with e size of my butt I can’t wear lotsa brands for fucks sake, they r too big yo... Nevermind, whatever ugly cheapo panty that gets into my hand will b ‘TRANSFORMED’ into a substantial item.

“Transformer! Million dollar look in Disguise!” Ki ku^ ka ke^ ka KE~ke^*transforming***

Sale ends this Sunday, hurry down I’m sure there r other great finds u could buy.


Dig, Dig, DIG!!!!

*ps, will post up nokia contest submission tomorrow!

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