Nokia comes w music- Contest Weeee~

This is ma first competition, do support me ya.
I spent loads of effort deco-ing the Nokia strip piece & sorting out the tags.
Hopefully I'll get some credits for that.

Yes, Nokia's website has indeed million of tracks & I'm utterly impressed with their key features.
Down side, you only get to listen to 30 secs of whole gd music before purchasing it. Mmm...maybe they could preview it longer? probably a min or so?
Anyways... whatever I've chose are mostly dance music. They get ur feet tapping isn't it? N thats what I called grooving it on~!

Well...if you think u can beat me to this, what r u waiting for? Do join the contest here.
Top 3 prizes (handset) to b won, y not?! Deadline's tomorrow! so hurry!!!

GOOD luck to me & TOUGH luck on u then! Cheerio~

Last but not least, do check the box on the bottom post if u like my entry!

Shake your booty at this one:

" Shake Up With Nokia Comes With

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Dylan said...

hey! good luck in the contest aite!