Weekend fun.

Shag... I've been feeding my stomach with tons of alcohol last weekend and the avalanching is still stuck w me until today.... argh... kept having waves of sickness...
As of now, I'm staying far away from that 'high' rising substance.

Undoubtedly, last week was swearingly fun (if not for the aftermath), I'm soooooo letting my hair down. Heading to zouk wardrobe show & crashing in china1 the nx was incredible. For both days, I've painted my eyes with various attempts of colour. I'm glad it turn out pretty alright from my friends judging. Well... thanks to u-tubers guru, I've captured the make up techniques from u & blended it myself.

When I met the gals on my first party night, we stood there contemplating whether should we get long island tea. I'm once so defeated by it that I couldn't even stand upright, think I vomited so hard my stomach has shifted its position up my throat.
So..... I gave them a halt, ordered 2 whole jugs of apricot brandy 7-up and.... didn't get high...BOOO!!!
We then tried doing a couple of beers later but it didn't perk our spirits either.
I guess Long island is still my along side nemesis, I'll bear in mind that nx tym we'll head straight for that.
but, but, but ,but BUT nevertheless, I truly enjoyed my night.

*The following darkfall @ China1....(writings will resume Way below if u're SERIOUSLY readin em)

I think I'll cut the chase for now. Enjoy the pixs & do look out for my "NOKIA comes with music" contest submission & my next MAKEUP exercise.

My first night with the gals @ 'zouk':

The invites.
Looking forward to Zeeta collection by John Lim.

Flamboyant hair pieces by Alan Huang & bold outfits by John Lim
Send them a msg if u have any fashion related opportunities.
(Pics by Adrian Seah)

The John designer & his right, Alan.

My Sweetest lasalle-er.
Shes crazily raving on her 8 mp phone.
Fab! I feel like getting it too!
(pixs credited to friedaTT)
Sweet smiling babes.

Yanny & Bak ser.
I love the effect, check that UVneck line.
Ftt's ph camera is really great.

Next's up,

*@ China 1 : superb liveband.

Imma realli having the time of my life, reaching optimum conditions.
But then again, hanging out w macys wacky babes always gets me on a high ground. OH......Oh ...OH...ya, not forgetting the added bonus of, erm, my 'new frds!!!' They kept mieeee feet tapping all night round. If I've frighten you w my formidable power shoulder tabs & cam whoring syndrome, Sorry guys, my bad.

&... I know I'm always forgiven. *glee*

On the dance ground.
Having our fair share of fun.
Yanny, jessie & the untaggable Ali.
(pixs credited to DC)
vid's eyes r as blurry as the pixis

big bear, mi & fi
I kept toasting & they kept drinking.

My silly bunch
I loved them to bits.
Never wana miss a moment hanging out w them.

Pix taken frm ma ph.
Can u catch a glimpse of alfi?
TATA~ *Kisses***


wifebeater said...

i dont get it .. you are a woman and you left your kitchen?

flizzardo said...

looooooooool i am meanieeeeeeee u can have my bata shoes xD

Mat`amiT said...

looks like u had lots of fun

Anonymous said...

nice pics!
bet you had lots of fun! =D