Pussycat's bday celebration

My dearest pussy has officially root herself on earth for a wholesome 29 years. And again We've numerous celebrations lined up for her as well as other gleefully peeps.

Anywayssss... I bet she's mad happy on that day coz we had 'A cup' size cakes,nonsenses ice-cream cakes, snack bites(wat a glutton) & more food (see! told ya shes a glutton extremist). We had also showered her with taka vouchers so that she can get more saturated food to increase her fat tissues. Yes, she is far too skinny, like a walking pair of chop sticks.

Sorry for the late posting sugar. As the saying goes.... better later than never. ejy babes.

I luv their zesty wings, so mouth-watering....
me & the pussies.
Poses w kisses
Paparazzi lourves to tail me.

Won't they knw when to call it quits?

ok. this is fugly ugly.
sweet or obnoxious? u decide
Fingers baby, fingers.

I dig them crazy.
mega loves.

see those A-cupcakes?
same as her Bra Siz...
Check out that sinfully tempting nonsenses.
How can I not gain from that?

killer shitloads

Last but not least.
The original mad pussies.
Wher hv those cat nips gone?

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