nail me up~

Hello all,

Sorry for not updating lately. Blogger is once again, Cocked up. I got half a mind moving my site to xanga instead.

Nevertheless, the things that I’ve been up to lately are relatively simple.

I had a major eye allergy on last sat. My right lid swelled terribly due to misused of makeup. Sad to say I seriously never found out what ingredient I’m hypersensitive to.

I’ve actually took a photo of my hideous self but still contemplating whether Should I post them up. I bet u guys will be gloating & screaming ‘bitch, go blind bitch’

Ya, ya, ya. Whatever…

Well… Having grounded at home by my inflated kick-ass lid, I decided to do something ‘useful’ instead of bumming around. I can’t do makeup tutorial, who knows I might really go visionless if I kept on doodling on the infected area.

Eventually, I settled on painting my nails. & Hola! I finally did something worthwhile & m rather pleased with a green horn like myself. I think it looks rather pleasant… not like any mary, jane or lucy would do.

Check out the pick-chures below~

French manicure inspired~

Pardon me for the messiness, I'm not an expert in this field, this is purely for the fun of it only

OPI as a base clr on my nail bed

3D ribbon from diaso.


The following day I stick-on 3D pearls on the rest of my nails.

Pretty or tacky? U'll b the judge!

*ps-problems with the blogger post is still occurring. Thus, pls ignore the colour text difference in this entry.


c0co said...

OMG!!!*jealous* XD...i love ur sweet cute nails design!!! omh i starting to miss my long nails...i kept long nails and painted them..but unfortunately i broke one of the and need to cut them all...T__T~*

*ying* said...

OMG! I simply in love with your nails... really damn nice.. what is the OPI Code No.? I cant believe you did it yourself..