Games, Games & more games!!!

I've got bundle of pixs to upload since last weekend. Some had already been posted on facebook while the rest of the batches I've decided to blog further on my goddamned sacred ground.

The continuation on blogging about KTV-ing has come to a halt for now. For the past 2 bloody wks I've been singing like a mother crow. My friends are beginning to show their utmost disinterest with me blabbering on Faye wong's song & duplicating Andy Lau's 'Toilet' tune in different key notes, until a point whereby I felt yucky myself when stepping into e washroom.

Rest assure that there will b no blinks of pixs with mic nor congested roomy aura as we blog on.

So claustrophobia readers, u will not be engulfed with narrow airways for now.
Just for now.

A Splendid gaming session on a fine Saturday evening with my peeps, my ex-lasalle mates. I loved them like dead crazy, seriously.

John is such a random nut, he kept reiterating about how great s-tube gay porn videos are to us. Farking crack our butt ups la...In return, zj recommended him another XXX site for juicer viewing. Fair Xchange.

Yan on the other hand, a sexy, provocative mother-of-two, who looks like a complete 'Fuck-with-me-n-u'll-b-dead-bitch' is indeed the nicest person I've ever met. Don't b deceive by that face of hers, I've managed to cuckoo her with my superEST, boliaoEST, LamEST make merry jokes ever. well...lets say I'm just a winner of all trades....

Oh ya, not forgetting her ultra action pack Patrick. Ah pat picked a peck of pickled peppers, where is the peck of peppers that Ah pat picked...watever.

This man is all in for act.
Action zuay guay badminton.
Holy bitch.
The incest narrator
I loved to hug them like theeezeee!
Here I line my buster, with a lil game of cluster...

Pat looking like a casino king
Darlin' Yan,
her daughter will definitely grow up to b splitting image of her.
How delightful! random sick shit.
I'll b there on fri.
cross my heart, seal my lips.
Chicken nugget ah ah!
chicken FEET kah kah!
I gib u kit kat, y u neber gimme back?
way... y u so like tat?
y u so like that?

We had our fills...
our junks

Play game...
Busting game, just like 'bluff'
right down to the sore losers.

Waiting for them to get busted!

Tell Jokes...
dblchin:Can I've a kiss ur ....?
J: sure, anytime!

Make friends...
pretending to b friends only.
my curly wurly hair man, wants them straight on his bangs.
Yo-ing like the Pinky & the brain.
One is genius, the other...
also genius.

Here I end my post, with the lil bread on toast!

Holy SHIT! What HAPPENed?!?!

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