festive season

Gong xi Gong xi GONG XI NIIIIIIIII!!!!!!
Happy LNY peeps! I had a fruitful new year with my keenest family. In compliance with my orders, I'm glad they've forcibly submit to participate in my amazing photoshoot.
I had nutty tons of humor & craziness!!! Huat chyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

On our way to granny's hse.
My kins, the benleos!

hehe... it was necessary to camwhore in sucha joyious occasion
@ granny's
a Shot w my aunt no.6

immediate faternal cousins, all grown up.

Posing w ... i forgot whats her name.

Acting pro, but leo says I look completely idotic.

The dad w abalone(s)

aunt no.3 & aunt no.7's booutiful daughters!

Granny, cutie wei, dad & My Lovely Kim Sam Soon

Kim sam soon's brother, his name is 弟弟

Family tree, the young n full or vigour.
Thats not all, We r missing out a few here.

Family tree,
Obviously, the expires.

Vest-man saves the say. Dave is praying for rain

The 2 cuties will grow up to be as pretty as our apple lohh.

@ 大姨
shermaine is so cute, she just eats n eats.

The family sure can give birth to lovely babies, they look like childstars !
Oppsie, sorry shermaine...zao geng
Apple of the eye, everyone dotes him!
He sure poses better than ah chong.

@ my home
Both men wanted to pose like the dragon n tiger on my framed puzzle but they kept laughing like crazy. super wu liao.

@ Alvin's
A quiet game of Blackjack.
Day 2 @ cc's
my cutie boy.

Chong with cutie n the not-so-cute

In the car
On our way to Johor; grandma's (maternal) hse

Chong trying to do goondosamy but he's not as gd as me.

@ grandma's
My 5 n 6 aunts w their gurls.
Ms En en is soooo cute n quiet

This 弥嘞佛 sure doesn't like to be carried.

Dinner @ sum restaurant.
A family shot after that.

@ 4th aunt's
En en is plaything with the squishy toy

Tough to make children pose nicely

Grandma n us.

This is ma cousin, shes like sec 1. WTF? hw cme so tall?!

Lil mermaid & I duno whats leonhart doing

**check out my fb for more pictures, will upload soon!

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