Make Room for friendship~

With festive season drawing nearer, Administrator-DjXpire decided to organize an outing for the sweetest sweets on Flowerpod. Suggestion to firm the location wasn't easy, with whole lot of commotions from podders. Out came a conclusion to book the chalet, where beauty gossips n other conventional topics could take place.

Many had firmed their attendance in the thread. However, the figure beat down to
only 23 that made the payment & eventually 21 turn up. Well... it wasn't a total disappointment of loss heaps, at least I'd believed that our head count was just right, loose change might actually occur if crowd were to get overwhelming.

Time spent together with those girls was a premium shot. We munched on lotsa hotdogs
crapcrabmeat, half-cooked wings and other edible stuffs. Had musical games, X'change pressies & funfilled with lots of interaction. Some of us even resort meddling with the self-pose in W.C. Well...the event brought together tighter knot of babes, deeper meaning to friendship.


My shortcut syndrome hv been acting up real often, so I'll shall intermittely cease for now.

Toodles readers!!!

These sexy chickies makes me drool, duncha think so?

Joy's winkin. I just love cam whoring.

Once again, I'm meddling the cammy with Ashley.
Nope! This tym shes not actioning to on any blusher

Joy wanted sucha shot, I resent it looks better with our lower half concealed.

Those sweets behind r just trying to strike the peek-a-boo pose, but elsie & ash wasn't very much succeeding it.
Seems like joy n Elieen are better posers.
I dunno abt mitch but I'm just trying to act hiao.

Another bed poses.
Action liao liao.

Check out the name tag I'm wearing, it spells 'd-b-l-c-h-i-n'
My mugshot looks wierd.

OH my Mimmy! U r so freaking cute.
Joy wanted us to pose in the loo.
Well... I needed show the 'gek sai' look due to the bowl I'm sat on.
Elsie ur pose damned vulguar sia!

Another of the W.C.
I'm happy orledy coz I'd just finished 'gek-ing sai'

Yes, we stripped her off & threw her behind the blinds!

Grab mitch to halt for snapping

We took a group ensemble snap, I'm so bloody glad I met all of em.
They were totally friendly, crappy, amusing & FUSTrating.
Lynn(one in blue) was superb, she fluttered around like a host making everyone feels at home!



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Lynn said...

Clara~~~ i am just being Kaypo & act helpful... Realli glad tat you gals enjoy urself neh....

Hope we will meet up real soon~~