Opening of Anthony hair Boutique 21 nov

Hola to the opening of Anthony hair boutique, it was a breakthrough phenomenon! The grand entrance was packed with people & especially us cotters. We had a great time watching the stylist work on their snips like Edward-scissors-hand as well as some professional dolling up by their make-up artist! Thomas Ong came too, he was so tall it seems as if he was hitting the roof. Yes la.........he's handsome but the way he dresses damned lock kok.

When the stylist had accomplished their task, Anthony the shifu took over centerstage.
He then begun to perform his formidable styling act, twisting n the model's hair macham like a piece of cake into 6 looks. He did all looks within 20 mins time frame ok! The movement was so swift, it looks as he had 8 tentacles of a sotong!

After he executed his finale piece, the party had ended.

To wrap everything up, cozycot gave us each a goodie bag. I gotta tell u this; they have loads of stuffs in the bag. A set of sample size Shampoo, conditioner & treatment from MinNewYork, 3 mini lippies & a nude eyeshadow, a colour spray frm hoyu. What a spread eh!

The finest thing that had happened was.....I met 3 lovely cotters ; Tequilaneat, Alescere & supasiri. We chitted chatted & exchanged ideas the entire time. It was fun while it last, we had to part somehow but I'm sure we'll catch up again. So long sweeties!

Stylist work'in on a model's hair

Anthony takes the stand as the model(back facing me) proceeds to her seat.
Check out their delightful chandelier, freaking awesome isn't it?

Working on the model's hair.
I couldn't even managed take a clear pic of his hand.
This shows that I'm not fabricating stories about the sotong-like hand.

Another set of hands helping Anthony out.
This guy looks super hip hop until I couldn't relate any part of him to hair styling.

1 of the 6 sets(I m showing only this pic)
Apologies for blurred images, as the movement was too fast to me to capture

First cotter-Tequilaneat I've met during the early hours.

Another 2 lovely cotters, my left Supasiri & right Alescere.
We look like ascending in height order.

I cam-whore on my lovely new friends

Supasiri & Tequilaneat posing for me

Last but not least, an ensemble shot.
I'm glad we've met!


tequilaneat said...

hi gal... thanks so much for posting up the pix... I had enjoyed chatting with you gals! we will definately meet again!

rinaz said...

Hello there!

Saw you girls at the event, (I was the one in white) but I wasn't sure if I should approach you girls to say hi, all of you were very engrossed in talking to each other :)

Anyway,I thought the event was interesting, especially the highlight where Anthony does the 5 different hairstyles :)

Clarilious said...

Oh babe,

U r far too shy! next time don't hesitate to approach us alright, we also just got to know each other! haha...
Anyways i will be gg for the ZA makeup workshop. If u are interested, we could go together!

Grace said...

Hey babe! Thanks for posting up the pictures! It's been great knowing you ladies!



i saw your picture you are pretty cute lady..