1,2,3 ...& 5,6,7.....

The story started with 4 amateurs being invited to a Salsa workshop organized by community member kat liyi on 22 Nov 2008. They were triggered by the way that they can incidentally 'jia bah' during dance partnership, thus willing to submit to this event...haha...

As we embark from Loyang point on tat v day... we headed for Kolam Ayer CC for our maiden dance together with many strangers.

Hazel feels freaking euphoric as she sits next to zanjoe.
C I told u? shes over the top!
Zanjoe gesturing his kiss in return.
Only to learn that hitting on a tigress is ineffectual.
Terribly rejected as he pouted his lips.
Monkey-ing. Poor lighting, my face looks like gui
Pls spot the peeping tom

As we proceed to the studio, we were greeted by this sizzling hot & booty-licious instructor.
She's from South Africa where she would normally teaches salsa dance I suppose.Her intermittent stop-over granted us the honor to be her student for a short 2 hrs.
She even brought along her partner together & I got to dance with him for a good whole 5 minutes. But I'm sorry, I couldn't recall her name, if anyone finds out pls let me know.

The first hour.
Where we learn basic step & side step in rhythmic manner of 1,2,3 & 5,6,7
I think the Ms hottie must've said sumthing hysteric. My new found friend (girl in black dress) Veronica was starring in awe.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't that the epitome of Grace, beauty &.....SAlSA-ness?
Later when we moved on to slightly intricate steps, we are all befuddled.
Most of us started dancing like penguins. well...at least I think I danced like one.

Zanjoe dancing with someone.
Is called the side turn? I forgot.

But soon, we got into the catchy beat n started swaying together as the trainer bounce.
When we finally catch hold of the tempo, she decides we should start dancing with partners. Thus, each lady gets to dance with a playmate & every interval of practice we swop with others .

gradually crowning into a circle

While others are bordering in circles. I gotta dance with the trainer on bulls-eye ground.
haha...Did u manage to spot me?

Dancing with a pretty tall chap.
In a few moments, I will be alongside with Zanjoe then Zj.

Waiting for further instructions from our hottie

Hey everyone whom I know of, are u truly convince now that I could be of the same height as zanjoe?! I look freaking ugly in here but despite of that, i wanted to show u the height comparison.

While they dance, I'm letting my arms behind acting kapo again.
Zj is folding his arms instead, reluctant to dance with the Indian babe.
Struggling is futile, he sublimed dancing w her to the v end.

The workshop came to an end as our instructor flawlessly performed a full-length Latino tune with her partner. The way she sashay was like a swan in a lake, a far fetched to my Pinocchio moves. It was graceful, swift & totally impeccable. Sweeeeee ar!!!

Thousand applause!

*** UPDATES 25-nov ***

That 'ma fan' hazel complained that I nv upload her dancing pictures.I shall anyhow reload 2 of her photos just to please her .

Lancing w a lady that looks like Ah Hui.
Hazel face flushed after dancing with the man of her dreams.

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