Argh... I'm feeling a lil feverish & I've got peg to peg plans for today & tomorrow!!!
I'm so in a frenzy mood now, petrified that I couldn't make it for concreted plans set eon years ago. I'm so dunno what to dooooooo!!!!!!!!

Yesterday night the tickles in my throat so unbearable that I was simultaneously coughing, it was pure torture. I couldn't even sleep well, the pain caused by prolong coughing was suppressing my inner canal, hiyoh I felt my throat was being squeeze like a chicken. Fatigue hover me like flies today, so bloody sleepy at work...*Yawn

Anyways, My line up plans:

6.30pm-9pm: Invited to a Grand Opening of Anthony Hair Boutique organized by Cozycot. Hey u ladies should sign up for that, they have lotsa great deals n freebies for grabs, they will also invite u to exclusive events! I'll be going with a few cotters, yay! time to make new frds~

9pm onwards: Either Winebar/Butter with Zj n frds , obviously a notion to club...but now I'm so in such a state how to let my hair down?! Probably could hang out @ some coffeehouse instead. How? zj? TCC On bo?

11am-12pm : Salsa dance workshop, a good chance to make acquaintance & learn some moves. Workshop organizer Kat Liyi; does this interest u? Pls let me know,We stil hv a lil time till tomorrow. Fees are $20 inclusive of buffet lunch.

12pm : Suntec/town with Zj n friends. Hey guys can we skip this paragraph? I just wana slack @ home...

The Day After Tomorrow
No computed Timing : Bathe dog, Walk dog, housekeep, Swimming & 999999 things to do


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