Lousiest Brazilian waxing!!!!!!!!!

I've been contemplating quite a while whether to blog about this. If I do, I'm exposing the condition of my pussy to the entire world but if I don't, I m not redressing myself from the sickening experience. Grrr...Every time I look at my 'ahem' I felt like I 'm gonna erupt like a volcano, So now I'm gonna rant endlessly...

Usually when u go to the beauty parlor for Brazilian waxing u expect to come out clean n bare right? For my case, it wasn't such a hairy-lesss experience.

I went to this reputable place @ Yishun for my primary tryout, I wanted to put to the proof that a friend's recommendation was worth while but it wasn't. Probably was because I went to a different lady & branch location. Their experience was a far cry from my own usual DIY, in fact I can even do better using tweezers.

My down-south was as hairy as when I got in & I told myself what was that!!! OK la, they manage to extract most of the hair but quite a bit was still rooted & I can feel prickly stubble! When the lady waxed me, she was using so anyhow strength repetitively on the same area gazillion times that my CB turn out so red like baboon's ASS! I was so uncomfy for the entire day & best shit was I did that 2 days before Halloween.....I felt I've already encountered the horror!

When I got home,I found hideous blue black near the corners, that goddammit really used so much force it hurts my area so badly! Luckily I managed to clean it up with my epilator. After having such frightful experience, I will never go back to that place ever again not even their sub-branches.

But then again, I probably might still go ahead & try out other parlors for sake of achieving baby skin...

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