Batam nov' 08

Thousand apologies for inadequate updates, I was utterly drowned with work as well as other unforeseen encounters. Therefore, this shall be an extensively lengthy post with adequate pictures, for your glimpse & probably laughter.

Batam, always known for its misconception for hooker-infested island or men violating with bigamy is our destination to head for. However, dun get me wrong, we r neither hooking for whore nor secretly hunting for a 2nd love, just norm beings looking for a wkend getaway.

Waking at dawn was extremely tough especially when I'm half nocturnal. I was dreamily washing up at my own pace when my witless soul mate started rushing me for time. I hastily wore on some makeup & make way for our intended journey. Embarking from my area, northeast line right up to harbour front was freaking easy. I felt blithe living in Singapore, everywhere you travel was within range, routes are always thoughtfully planned.

Cockadoo henpecking on me

When we've reach the harbour n got on our seats, I was happily camm whoring like a loose chick.
Zj n me. Boy! we look half-awake.

I loved this pic, it feels as if my face is squeaky clean

Check out that guy, he is no better than us.
When we've landed @ batam, we make way to our guide. I had to tell u this, our tour guide looks like a uber crook. But guessed I was wrong, he was rather nice & could speak mandarin well. Also to my utmost surprise, we are the only passenger & was privilege to be sat in a private wagon. He even open doors for us ok! haha...I suddenly felt like Queen Elizabeth in her carriage!Our first visitation, 'mi le foh' 弥嘞佛 & was given 15 mins to tour around. So I took shots of different massive stature n offered some prayings.

In respect of the gods, u r suppose to take off your shoes before entering the sanctuary state

Caught in action-touching up

I think this is ru lai foh but weren't sure, anyways i just pai pai.

Me attemptin to reach for the 'yuan bao'
Huat ar!!!

Nothing much, jus wana show u on neatness of the joss urn.

After the tour we headed for lunch to an Indonesia restaurant. While we are on our way, I discover something downright name decal on a commercial vehicle! I immediate took snaps of that van before it drives away, it is.

For the laughable lot

Notiboi posing in front of the indo rest

Well... it didn't look as interesting but the food tasted exemplary quite well

When we are done with our tiffin, the guide brought us to Nagoya hill mall & were given 3 hours to roam around the precinct district. As our time are limited, we've shadowed quite a few areas n headed straight for their main inhabitant, the hypermart and retail-chain matahari. I heard from the guide that these are the 2 principle retails in indo. Well... for a person like me that hungers for cheap thrills, their brassiers are a perfect suit in matahari...I dig n dug, tried a million pieces but still I m indecisive, freaking spoilt for choices. In the end, I didn't get any of them at all. U know y? Coz Zj-the-smart-alec told me that we could still shop the next day before we leave the harbour. He LIED!!!
After he had seen the pool he decided to skip the shopping. Thus, the next day we spent our day slacking thru the whole morning & encountered some sluts, tell ya abt tat later.
Ok back to our shopping saga, after leaving matahari empty handed, we head down to hypermart to get some daily supplies. After numerous research from forums, ZJ concluded that the sanitary pads are much cheaper than sg. He kept pushing me to buy, buy, buy, but I dunno what to buy! In order to please him, I just threw a few packs of funny looking pads into the trolley. Alright, my interest point in purchasing are packs of tissue, I took 5 or 6 packs of mini tissue off the rack & zj asked me y did I buy that for? In my mind I was thinking, who's the nut that had pushed me to buy so many sanitary pads, is not as if he's gonna use it... argh, metrosexuals are such a push over.
I was almost screwed for attempting to buy toilet rolls. Those rolls are so freaking cute, they hav repetitive print on it, so like tat wherever u wipe u'll feel mega 'Shiok! But eventually I gave up the idea of buying to evite possible nagging.

We are so pressed for time, we didn't take a single pic @ the mall.
Anyways... when the guide came pick us up to proceed to the hotel, our journey with them had ended. We tipped both driver and guide sgd 5bucks each n took a pic of the full string on 4 of us.
They did our check-in, booked our return ferry & bid us goodbye.

As we proceed to head for our rooms, we weren't expecting too much of it. However, as we entered, there were elbowroom for roaming!!!

They have got 2 units of bath area, one of em was equipped with long bath, 2 bed rooms; a queen bed in one the other with twin singles, connection of the dining & living area & a minuscule balcony for viewing. Isn't that amazing? Now u knw y he gave up shopping eh?

We spent an hr inactively slacking before heading down to the pool side & retired for the night.

zj widening his arms to measure up the massive area.

The bath area.
Bed with singles, everything meticulously decoThe room with Queen
Our view frm the balcony
equipped with 30 over channels
We are flabbergasted!
Preparing for our first pool dip

I like!
The following day we made a point to bring our cammy for breakfast in any case of missing out interesting snaps. We took a few pics by the pool side but I had only show 1 of em, the rest are on zj's facebook.

Just acting hiao

The reason I post this pic up is becoz I wanted his presence to be present, other than that...this pic really means nothing.

My cherry-like nails adding on to the fruit collection

This gooey stuff looks like some reptile eggs but is a fruit actually.

This is a most decent shot someone elses took for us.
Others were all crappily making faces.

View of the poolside, they have a variety of stuff!
The slides, downpour mushrooms & a lie-backed jacuzzi.

Zj describe this pic of me as kapo-ing.

The kapo is super buay song after being snapped by the paparazzi

I was just messing around with sign boards

The funny couple
We headed down to the playgound n start snapping away!

Me rushing him to come over n sit on the see-saw
when he finally sat on, he was way too heavy that I can't seems to roll on a balancing game!
Or perhaps I m too light for anyone?

I sat on this plaything and was messing around happily when I realized i couldn't get out of it!
I asked for zj's help repeatedly but he just stood there chuckling and told me to get out on my own. I had no choice but to struggle with a twisted face in getting out.
That was when he snapped this pic n posted a video of me.

We attempted to take a dimensional pic of him grabbing me but failed
After that we headed for the pool, we met with 4 sluts.
Initially, they were excessive snapping their life away @ the pool side which we don't care . But while zj was relaxing @ the lie-back jacuzzi, they swam over to take pics. As the area was rather small, slut A started shrieking like a crow 'Hey got somebody here ley how to take picture', then slut B or maybe C or D said ' hiyah, nvm la we can photoshop him off.' Zj was super pissed off coz he is the only man @ the jacuzzi n he was gonna get photoshopped off!!! He came over to me whining about them. But come to think of it, isn't that funny?I was lol-ing the whole time when he complained abt those verbal torment-ment.

An hour later we proceed back to the hotel , wash up, grab our our bags and headed for the lobby.
Before that, I'm sharing u a pic of me n my thunder tights.
When we reached the harbor, we spent quite a while waiting for the ferry. Thus, we took opportunity to engage some snaps!

Oh! I'm the honorable Falcon Princess.
Boarding the ferry

When we've boarded the ferry, I suddenly saw 4 familiar faces walking towards the yacht. Ah...those were the sluts in the morning! After flashing back the morning episode I'm determined to get their photos in my cam. I went out, positioned my cam & SNAP! Yay I finally had 4 of them caught in my cammy. Oh..did they said they were gonna photoshop us? well...I mosaic their faces too!
Well, that's all for now! Hang loose urself & try out Batam for a short hiatus, is cheap, fun &
if u r real lucky u might get meet dumbbell sluts too!

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