Belli Belli~

ZJ had been composing songs even before I started my belly classes.

He infamously formulated his own version of backstreet boys chorus 'Larger Than Life' into this:

All you Chinese can't u see,
Cant u see,
Belly dancing~ is for,
Indians only~

He sang that so much, it kept ringing in my ears.

After my primary lesson yesterday, he had been singing non-stop. When I practice my moves in front of him, he said I swayed like a grandfather clock.

Which triggers him to compose another illogical Britney spears song:

"Hit me belly one more time!"

I couldn't help but laugh n sing along with him.

But first lesson was freaking tough especially when I had lost complete dance touch since sec days. I look so freaking rigid while trying to keep up moves with the dancing teacher. Anyways, it was kinda fun though. Will update more funny stories soon!

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