Many While waiting in anticipation , had the following occurrence :

-Heart in the throat
-Cold sweat, icy palms
-fainting spells
-insomnia (if actual event r days apart)
-Kept wanting to lao sai
-vomiting symptoms

I get that all the time... I kept telling myself not to fret over minor issues but thoughts just kept coming, this is driving me insane.

At this point of time I'm not at my very best. I've met issues on friendship, kinship, relationship and many kinds of funny Ship shit. I wouldn't want them to bother me but Sometimes i just couldn't help but overwhelmed with thoughts. I hope this un-fateful even will pass on eventually, for now I'll pray for a sweet sunny trouble-free day.

*ps : Hey Fucking Back-stabber. U! YES YOU! U fucking watch your back, one day u are gonna fall pit bottom and ur mouth will rot into million pieces. May the thousands of ticks that had infested my pooch be on you, especially ur underpants, may they feast on ur bushy manhood & the scalp of urs to end.

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