A dedication to my 'Hatch' day

Dear Clara,

25years from then U had managed to stay alive & not-so-well. Yay congrats!

After all, u've been :
  • treated like a moron,
  • pampered like a princess ,
  • went thru small portion of inking but hurts like hell,
  • punctured with minor holes,
  • cut & colored ur hair ridiculously,
  • made FRIENDS,
  • made ENEMIES,
  • made hi-bye FUCKNUTS,
  • had 2 cutesy-sometimes stupid-always fighting-love hate KINS,
  • a bloody open-minded-bo liao at times- impatient-curly haired DAD,
  • a scream on top of her voice-not so cute-devoted housewife-clean freak MUM,
  • Had a tick-infested PUP.
  • Had a Far more than kind-go the extra mile-not so tall neither too short-applies Ur makeup-great pole dancer-fireman-teddy bear aka very sweet SOULMATE
Is far more than a miracle isn't it?

Happy bday clara, may all your wishes come true. I love you lots and lots, don't fret over sumthing that's ain't true.

Love your one and only Clara

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