Undercover for Singapore 2013 #DigitalFashionWeek #DFW

Recently I was invited by The Body Shop to cover this year's Digital Fashion Week .
Happy to say I had so much fun hanging out at the backstage, learning and picking up new things.
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Most of you know that I've just started serious MUA-ing for clients only at the 2nd half of this year and within a short span of time (after graduating from Cosmoprof in August) I was given the opportunity to work on models, celebrities, brides and everyday people like you and me.

It is my greatest honour being part of this year's DFW, I have to thank 1 person in particular "Ching Yan", who gave me a chance to shine and learn from the expert Lan Nyguen, a well acclaimed London Based makeup artist.

Incase you have no idea what's the relationship between TBS and DFW, they are the official makeup brand for this year's show :) 
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Huge collection of The Body Shop Makeup on standby. 
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 photo DSC000201.jpg

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Here are the TBS in-house makeup artists, among them there's me the odd one. Technically I'm behind the camera...heh...But, I'll will merge into the scene once the models are ready for makeup.
The MUAs are busy setting and prepping their stations thus the somewhat chaotic formation shown here, it will get worse when the crowd (models, presenters, celebrities) comes in later.
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 photo DSC00013.jpg
schedule planning and important contacts written on the white board

Here's Lan. She's going to do a makeup demo using TBS winter palette 02 Smokey Plum on blogger Melissa. 
 photo DSC000171.jpg

Here's Melly Barefaced. 
 photo DSC000251.jpg

 photo DSC00006.jpg
Prepping eyeshadow and lining Melissa's eyes. 
 photo DSC00008.jpg

Besides the latest winter palette, here are other products that Lan uses:
all-In-one BB cream, The Sparkler all-over-shimmer (My Fav product from TBS!), shimmer bauble, Colour Crush Lipstick, Carbon Eye Definer (pencil liner) and assorted TBS brushes.
 photo DSC000291.jpg

 photo DSC00017.jpg
Melissa's Completed look. 

 photo DSC000241.jpg
Honoured to capture a shot with Lan. 

 photo DSC000271.jpg
With Ching Yan.
Thank you so much for the great opportunity.

More products from TBS neatly arranged in order. 
 photo DSC000321.jpg
 photo DSC000331.jpg
 photo DSC000351.jpg
 photo DSC000361.jpg

Not forgetting Fiji is the official thirst quencher for #DFW2013!
 photo DSC000371.jpg

Straw piercing straight throughout the bottle caps, how convenient for ladies with lipsticks. 
 photo DSC00004.jpg

Here's my OOTD, sorry for the blur image I hastily snapped this before anyone comes in the toilet. 
 photo DSC00022.jpg

Sad to say I had to head off somewhere and come back during the evening, I'll talk more offstage scenes in my next blogpost. 

First show, proudly presented by Zenchi Spring Summer 04 Collection.
I love his amazing juxtapose of drape vs edgy, fine cutting of fabric that gives women that strong powerful approach, what a direct complimentary to the soft flowly fabric. 
 photo DSC00030.jpg
 photo DSC00031.jpg
 photo DSC00035.jpg
 photo DSC00036.jpg

The finale ends with Naomi Campbell gracing the runway for this opening show.
Everyone took out their digital gadgets, leaned forward and started snapping, I almost missed my chance in getting a nice picture of her. whoo! Glad my camera is good, managed to take 2 decent ones minus the 8 blurred images which I've discarded. 
 photo DSC00037.jpg
 photo DSC00038.jpg

Afterwards I headed towards the backstage to do my thing. In view you see the back of a head facing the camera, that's the makeup maestro Larry Yeo working on one of the models. 
 photo DSC00047.jpg

I had Silver joining me for the 2nd show, she's gorgeously don in a black dress. 
 photo DSC00054.jpg

 photo DSC00066.jpg

My Outfit for the night, Satin always makes one a little more posh looking. 
 photo DSC00067.jpg

With Ching Yan again :D
 photo DSC00058.jpg

Here comes the 2nd segment of the day, Fedrick Sai .
I don't quite understand the men's collections, is a little too over the top for my taste but the Women's outfit totally blew me away.
Lacy dresses, Bubble sleeves, floral bralets are just my thing! Read on :D photo DSC00074.jpg
 photo DSC00075.jpg
 photo DSC00080.jpg
 photo DSC00082.jpg
 photo DSC00083.jpg
 photo DSC00086.jpg
 photo DSC00088.jpg
 photo DSC00091.jpg
 photo DSC00094.jpg
 photo DSC00100.jpg

So here wraps up the first blogpost for #DFW, stay tune for the 2nd post where I get my to work my hands on models ;)


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