My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 7-Paraw Sailing

Anyways in this post I'm touch on Paraw Sailing, a lazy way to enjoy the sea without the heart-dropping moments of falling over like how banana boat ride does but there is a chance you may topple  (into the sea) if you are not careful enough. 
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The best time to experience this is during the early evenings where the sun is about to set. Slow relaxation best served after an intensive afternoon of seaport activity.  

A very humble looking appearance of each Paraw but popular as can be, there is a long line of people waiting to set sail.
When I was saw this local sail boat I was baffled by the appearance thinking where do I climb onboard? Everything came to light when I was told to sit on either side of the outrigger serving as a counter poise so that the boat would not overturn easily. Also there compartment in the centre where we can put our belongings. 
 photo DSC00199.jpg
Each Paraw can contain approx. 6-7 people  (3-4pax  on either side of the outrigger). Do note that they charge by 1,500 pesos (S$43.50) per paraw, not by per headcount. 

As we slowly enjoy the breezy evening I decided to explore a little more by climbing onto the edge of the outrigger. I supported myself by standing onto the wooden frame and held on dearly to the wired ropes, due to the the back light only my neon life vest is caught clearly in shot, the rest is just darkness. 
 photo Travelgraphy_3326.jpg
A brave attempt to stand near the edge of the outrigger, do not try this at home!

Another one where I sat on the lines constructed with synthetic fibre rope. 
 photo Travelgraphy_3395.jpg
Trying my very best to suck-in those tummeh. 

The boat ride lasted for a good 20 mins, good enough for us to catch our breath after a long day!
 photo DSC00202.jpg
Everybody is coming back onshore waiting to head for their dinner

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