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 A while ago when team NOC told me to get ready my retro gear because we are filming a nostalgic video, needless to say I fumbled my wardrobe to dig and dug for everything that is suited for this project. 
 I found so many accessories that is deemed 'retro-ish' and yes I'm proud to say I pretty much dressed the cast with my loud printed scarfs, retro clutches and over the top belts. 
Side note : outfits not provided by me except my own.

Basically, we had a huge number of people this time round coming together as family and friends. Is been great meeting everyone and you bet I had a helluva time filming this!
Oh incase you need to know where we film this is at Kombi Rocks, a retro theme cafe located at 66 yio chu kang road. 

Have you watched the video? If your answer is no, you are missing out all good things happening this National day!
For higher resolution, Watch the video 1080p HD

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While we were all filming, someone documented everything in still images and may I introduce you to Jeremy.
Ok not this guy, that's our regular man Dan Khoo who toggles between SG and KL, I actually appeared in his last 'Chinaman' video (read my coverage here)
Jeremy aka Rice Photo, his name which I have no idea why (probably a carbo fan but a lean one who doesn't look like he could eat a bucket of rice) a professional photographer who has been a great help in keeping our memories intact, without these behind-the-scene photos, things would probably be less meaningful. Thanks Jeremy!

Nina, Sylvia and me in a strategically place in terms of height, and guess who's photobomber at the back?
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Ryan's dedication is way beyond proportions, his injured hand already caught on celebrity status and earned 'Ah ma' the horse a reputable role (watch here)
 photo 1040883_587442724633243_1817211570_o.jpg

A collage of us self-timing ourselves in the middle of a busy street.
 photo 1063773_587443234633192_1758278235_o.jpg

Spot the difference similarity!
 photo 1039935_587442821299900_63472227_o.jpg

In order not to tarnish Jeremy's reputation, I made a clear spilt with pictures he took (all of the above) and the ones I took (all of the below)
To be honest even I tell you these were his I'm sure you wouldn't be convinced, most of them consist of self-obsessed photos ;)

So here goes:
 photo IMG_0588.jpg
 photo IMG_0592.jpg
 photo IMG_0515.jpg

Half-do fishtail braid done in 5 minutes!
 photo IMG_0523.jpg

#ootd- printed florals decked in a cluster of blue.
 photo IMG_0534.jpg

Ending off with a shot of Nina, Sikeen and me!
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