My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 2- Sea Activities

Hi Everyone, is Dblchin again!
This post is all about the outdoor activity we did during our Boracay Trip but first let me introduce you to the awesome breakfast at Christina's.
Situated near the sea, infact very much seaview, this restaurant serves a wide variety of servings.
Among the huge selections are hams, Cheeses, pastries and not forgetting large portion of fresh fruits. Aside from the buffet spread we are also given a few breakfast platter to select from the menu.
 photo DSC00195.jpg

 photo DSC00196.jpg

 photo DSC00199.jpg

 photo DSC00200.jpg

 photo DSC00202.jpg

 photo DSC00206.jpg

 photo DSC00207.jpg

 photo DSC00214.jpg

Here's my pick from the menu: Toast, bacon, Scramble Eggs, shrooms and tomatoes.
 photo DSC00216.jpg

Incase you are a lottery addict, please feel free to use my room number for your 4D inspiration.
 photo DSC00217.jpg

Right next to me is the honeymoon suite, as I walk past towards the stairway leading to christina's, I realised they have an extra courtyard.
So keep in mind for Boracay Regency honeymooners, if you are looking to look a larger resort you could consider this.
 photo DSC00218.jpg

My #LOTD, keeping my makeup simply and neat: brows, mascara (waterproof) and a tinge of blush.
I sweep my hair back to a classic french braid and bobby pin the stray ends, it helps when the sea breeze comes along.
 photo DSC00221.jpg

Since I'm island hopping today I need to wear light because is going to be a hot hot day.
A option to protect your face from the sun, bring along a sunhat that comes with chin strap because is going to be very windy out there.
Please do not try attempt to wear covered shoes or wedges because, the seawater is going to get in the boat and soak your sneakers, wedges and what have you. Beach Slippers are the best.
 photo DSC00225.jpg

Getting ready to head to the beach.
 photo DSC00230.jpg

My companions, Hanjoo and Atsuko
 photo DSC00231.jpg

 photo DSC00233.jpg

The locals wished to stay fair too! lol.
 photo DSC00236.jpg

 photo DSC00237.jpg

Off we go!
 photo DSC00238.jpg

Valyn and Hz!
 photo DSC00239.jpg

Now you see me dry...
 photo DSC00240.jpg

...and then u see me wet!
 photo DSC00243.jpg

ok, how did it happen?
with this!
 photo DSC00242.jpg

Thats the headgear for helmet diving, it weighs between 3-6kg. Very Heavy on dry land and still heavy deep down sea but I had so much fun feeding the Fishes!
Here's a compilation of pictures taken from Karen's camera

And the ones from Valyn's Camera
Quality of Valyn's camera seems to look better than Karen's, if you would like to know the brand of her underwater camera, is Lumix Panasonic Dmc-tz10. I'm hoping to get one myself too!
See the school of fishes coming towards us, we had a fun time feeling, touching and of course feeding them. Well, thats the only way to lure them over.
The waters at this section is around 4 meters deep, guided by an experience diver we placed our heads in that heavy helmet I've mentioned earlier as we head down, surprisingly this huge thing helps to regulate oxygen and we are able to keep ourselves dry and breathe freely inside. Unfortunately, the helmet supposedly to feel much lighter in the water is still feeling pretty heavy underwater.

One of the divers took a starfish up onto the boat and I managed to take a few photos before throwing it back to the sea, I'm so afraid it'll die!
 photo DSC00249.jpg

Delighted to touch a starfish!
 photo DSC00251.jpg

As we head for our snorkelling segment, I excitedly put on my equipment and waited almost impatiently.
 photo DSC00255.jpg

 photo DSC00257.jpg

 photo DSC00258.jpg

Without a word, I jumped straight off the boat to snorkel.
 photo DSC00265.jpg

 photo DSC00266.jpg

Karen and me having a great time !
 photo P1010801.jpg

Then comes the MTV King.
 photo DSC00268.jpg
 photo DSC00269.jpg
 photo P1050351.jpg
 photo P1050354.jpg
 photo P1050359.jpg
 photo P1050384.jpg
 photo P1050390.jpg

 photo P1050351.jpg
We also did the Banana Boat ride, thanks to pictures from Valyn because I didn't managed to take any with mine.
We were cruising nicely on the banana boat when the skipper decides to get real naughty and tries to capsize the boat, I already had anticipated this so I tighten my grip instead. Unfortunately Hazel couldn't hang on very well and she sorta got fling off the boat, into the sea of course. It took her a while to climb back onboard as we cruised back to the our meeting point.
Girl Power Rocks!

 photo P1050354.jpg

 photo P1050359.jpg

 photo P1050384.jpg

 photo P1050390.jpg
Do stay tune to my next post, it'll then be part 3!

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