[OOTD] Milchscap Swimwear @ Scape Orchard- Featuring Bikini and Monokini

Hi Dblchinis!
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A while ago, I was contacted by Joey from Milchscape who happens to be Mint's Sister (confusing much lol!) whether I was interested to get sponsored for swimwear.
So I thought, why not? Little did I know these are the gorgeous few vintage pieces that Joyce first posted on her instagram, they are very limited edition and most importantly gorgeous on the bodice.
ok Joyce is not exactly a slim material, infact a little on the chubby side but she managed to rock the ones that was worn on her, to the point where I was tempted to get a set for myself.
Well, Guess I got lucky! yay.

Milchscape is situated at Orchard Scaped underground #01-B27
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Apparently vintage is the new modern considering the fact the fashion is so diversified nowadays.
The selling factor of these 2-piece bikinis are their high-waist bottoms, they seems to attract a huge number youngsters nowadays and oldesters 'eh hem' *coughs loudly* me.
Loud bold colours, mismatch prints seems to go so well together this season, the more colours pile on, the better! Best thing? I don't have to worry about paring the same bikini top and bottom everytime because mix and match is granted under the vintage belt.

I took a short tour of the shop and found out that Milchscape not only carries swimwear but they do bring in light weight casuals for our despicable weather (think minions baby!) and making good cover-up for beaches too. 
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Here's Joey and me, she's absolute tiny to the brim. 
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Remember I was bragging about the weather and waters at Boracay a couple of weeks ago, if you haven't read any you should start somewhere like now. I brought my 2 selected sets from Milch along and had a little fun photoshooting with it.

So here goes:

Tried 2 monokinis but in the end I decided to go for this because it kinds accentuates my figure well. I'm loving the subtle reveal of my navel without having to scream the slut word across my face. Oh how I badly wished I still had my belly piercing though, is a shame that the piercing decides to migrate causing the skin to thin out. That left me little choice but to retire it. 
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When it comes to swimwear, I'm as anal as a butt hole. Straps have to be tight because nip slipping is the highest form of wardrobe malfunction, in order to do that I need strings that allows me the flexibility to tie as tight as I can go. So verdict is yes I'm loving this piece of pinkini.
Also please do not be mistaken, the inner Black piece is also a BIKINI, not a BRA (at this point I feel mandatory to wear a 'disclaimer' dog tag wherever I go) this is for dbl security, woah I live by my name.

Cover-ups is like cheat fashion because they conveniently dress you up to a point of decency and when you want the big reveal just strip niah, so I absolutely adore Cover-ups. Unfortunately this is not from milch, is actually model's own (aiseh talking like a third-person)
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2 more monokini shots of me sitting near the boat bow.
I love my yellow heart shades, it identities the cuteness...*prepares a bag for motion sickness* in me
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The 2nd swimwear I've picked out is a 2-piece Vintage Bikini.
Overall this piece is bold as the watermelon, yes think green and red. 
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It has buttons running down the font of my bottom piece adding more classiness to the design. However, is not so practical for sun tanning.
When you lie your tummy, the buttons sort of eat-in to your skin causing slight discomfort and probably create 6 little dimples alongside your stomach. But who in the right mind would want to go tanning with a pair of high waist bottomkini, so I guess is still safe if you looking to look good!

To be honest, regardless of my tummylicious spare tyre (disclaimer: small one but visible) I really adore this set of vintage wear bikini because it made me look damned chic la! To the point where I walked along the beach like I don't really care, shamelessly asking my blogger friends to take picture of me and my swimwear, William kena so many times until I think he damned sian. 
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 I know there are a few fellow bloggers (Cambelles, Jacqueline and Elaine) who blogged/instagram about Milch way before me, do check them our if you want to see other hot girls in swimwear too!
Hope you like my review!

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*Products are sponsored, opinions are my own

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