My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 4 - The Amazing Show

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Post 5-My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 4 - The Amazing Show

Hello to Dblchinis reading the great Boracay escapade again,
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In this episode I will be featuring a cast of gorgeous ladyboys dancing and singing in their glittering outfits but first, here's a shot of a man taken by surprise with his motorised tricycle. The very basic and easiest form of transportation to get around the Boracay, most of them called them the island Taxi. Also known as Trikes,flag down rates starts from php20 (chartered starts from 60php), you could get around between station 1 to station 3. These trikes manoeuvre really well on narrow pathways and busy streets the ultimate transport to keep us right on schedule.
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I was a little taken aback when the man above gave me a death stare, turns out he is just too stunned to react but he sure break the ice really fast!
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A better view of the Trike accompany with passengers like Jerome, karen and Valyn.
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Karen in her Vintage Dress.
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My #OOTD, for evening strolls at the beach or in my case preparing to attend a performance, I prefer keep it less informal.
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I'm dressed in a smock outfit with a tinge of red (bikini) stripes showing to jazz up the entire look. 
For occasions like this it look better with beach wedges but since I have none, I just pass it up with a pair of  decent flops. I've also braided and swept my hair to 1 side giving it a feminine side do for an evening night out. I love big shoulder bags, here I'm carrying a diaper bag from Bape Kids, the baby version of Bathing Ape, waterproof and very durable.

Entrance of  'The Amazing Show'
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Karen and I looking fresh for this evening.
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Food is served upon arrival, with an array of 小菜 you have probably guess that we are having Korean delights...and you guess it right! Run by Korean/s, this restaurant located right above the performance ground deliver authentic K-Stews and soups which made me beg for continuous serving. In the end my tummy is filled to the brim with tantalising soup I had earlier!
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 photo DSC00412.jpg

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After a round of satisfying smiles and filled tummies, we proceed down to watch the performance.
Running 2 shows a night (7pm and 9pm) these dedicated performers feature a range of dances and songs from well-known musicals and popular songs, do allow me to name a few:
Moulin Rouge
Phantom of the Opera
One Night Only
And the latest crazy on Psy in 'Gentlemen'
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 photo DSC00435.jpg

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For every performance, there would bound to be engagement of audiences. In this case, this man (right in front of us) was seated on the 'lucky' spot. He was repeatedly teased by the performers on stage, not once but many times.

So then PSY came on stage and almost rocked everyone off their feet.
 photo DSC00453.jpg

Target acquired
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 photo DSC00457.jpg

 photo DSC00459.jpg
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 photo DSC00466.jpg

 photo DSC00467.jpg

This Wo(man) sure knows how to pick her target.
 photo DSC00471.jpg

 photo DSC00472.jpg

She checks out the lucky spot again!
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 photo DSC00475.jpg

When the show is over, everyone is given an opportunity to take a picture with the performers but be sure to have some loose change on hand as tip is expected for photo taking.
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*For more information on The Amazing Show, please contact the following via phone/ email
Tel: (036) 288-2556 or (036) 28802557 Email:
Requirements/ Guidelines:
-Do make bookings a minimum of 48 hours before show starts
-Per Ticket includes 1 free drink
-No Age requirement is needed

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*This trip is sponsored, opinions are my own

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