My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 5 - Sunrise and Cliff Diving

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I always thought how wonderful it'll be if I can catch a glimpse of sunrise by the beach, guess I'm missing out the finer prints here. To be brutally honest, is a total B*tch to be dragging myself up at 4am just to catch the sunrise.
I was on the verge of giving up this surreal feeling on watching the rising horizon when Karen words struck me, she say something along the line like how many chances will I get to see sun rising at Boracay. So I decided if I missed this great opportunity I might never get it back again, plus I have 2 super 'siao on' king (Jerome and William) who readily agreed to waking up early.
So the 4 of us met 5am at the lobby and set off in a Trike to the other far side of the Bulabog Beach.
 photo DSC00003.jpg
When we arrived, the sky is still dark and gloomy leaving us ample timing to capture the sunrise.
Unfortunately you don't always reap what you sow, dark clouds loomed over the entered sky leaving a small fraction of the horizon peeking behind the mountains.
 photo DSC00008.jpg
Even though we don't get to see a perfect horizon but as the skies get brighter, the rays strengthens and actually penetrate through the openings of clouds creating a grand spectular entrance. Pardon my photography but justice is served to those who is there to witness the rising sun, a wonderful feeling which I couldn't describe.
At one point, it almost felt as if a great mighty one is descending from up above.
This was even better than I had anticipated.
 photo DSC00012.jpg

 photo DSC00014.jpg
Karen in her Bikini outfit, I really like people who can rock the bandeau top.
Unlike her, I will look pretty chubby in this.
 photo DSC00026.jpg
Us capturing the sunrise together!
 photo DSC00009.jpg
I've got a few nice shots taken with Karen's camera, specially art directed by William. Good, I quite like.
 photo 2013_07_20_9999_49.jpg
 photo 2013_07_20_9999_87.jpg
Then we proceed back to our hotel, grab a quick bite at Christina's and head out for the day's most sought after segment 'Cliff Jumping'
Before that, do take a look at my menu, German bratwurst for breakfast.
 photo DSC00028.jpg
If you walk alongside beach station2, you will see sandcastles like these with the huge letter 'B' forming the word Boracay and the actual date presented just below it.
I heard from Karen that she saw a few boys gathered around to make this early morning, I presumed the reasons they built these sand castles is to hype up the beach attraction so tourist like us can get to crowd around an take photos for memory. A splendid idea indeed, so remember to look for one of these erected castles and take a picture for keepsake.
 photo DSC00029.jpg

 photo DSC00030.jpg
 photo DSC00032.jpg
As we proceed to our first cliff jump at Ariel's Point, everyone couldn't contain their excitement and anxiety. In the beginning I was calm as a cucumber and Karen had to ignite the fear in me by saying 'ey 我有一点怕 ley' (I'm a little afraid), then comes hazel and then probably Smith. Like a yawn that contagious, soon I was getting angsty and a little hesitant about the jump.

Then another situation came up, there is no docking point around Ariel's Point and the boat had to anchored near a buoy , the only way to get there is to Swim *jaw dropping moment*.  In order not waver my thoughts to withdraw the jump, I strapped on my life jacket and dived straight into the sea after William and Smith did.
You should see how hard I swam given the fact that I'm really a lousy swimmer, I can't swim to save my life #truestory #honestopinion #nottryingtobehumble, at one point the choppy waves kept sweeping me towards the rocks I had to raised my hands for help (so much for acting hero when I can't swim for nuts) and to my surprise Smith saw me struggling and swam towards my direction! yay help!But When he got to me and held me hand hoping to swim towards the shore together , he realised he couldn't swim with 1 hand, kua kuah kuahh. Luckily the boatman came to me, flipped me over and pull me by my lift jacket and swim towards the location.
And,That is my epic story of getting there lol.
 photo DSC00036.jpg

This is pretty much the distance we had to swim.
 photo DSC00043.jpg

There are a few challenges for cliff jumping, you can choose to jump the height of 2, 5,8 or 15 meters. However for 15 meters attempt, the jump should be accompanied  with a lifeguard. You can choose to jump as many times as you can possibly do with 1 time fee.I opted for the decent height of 5meters instead.
Look at me, standing on the plank getting ready Not to jump.

 photo Jerome-6945-XL.jpgI was advised by William not to look down because once I look down I would be a little hesitant to take the plunge but guess what?He went first and was obviously swimming in the sea and screaming my name which I had no idea y because at that point of time my brain couldn't register anything. I looked at him and saw the most frightful sight : heights.
After much deliberation (like less than 5 minutes), I closed my eyes, held myself tight and dunk straight into the sea.
Woooh! Best decision ever! That adrenaline rush immediately hypens up my body, never felt so energised in my life!
I so wanted to do a 2nd attempt but time was not in our favour, so after everyone's turn, we decided to head back to shore.
Here are some fishes the boatman caught, they are clustered together with array of pop colours!
 photo DSC00052.jpg
Another starfish discovery!
 photo 2013_07_20_9999_128.jpg
On the way back, I decide to do a little performance with the handy pole.
 photo DSC00054.jpg
 photo DSC00066.jpg
 photo DSC00068.jpg

Karen decides to join in!
 photo DSC00081.jpg
 photo DSC00091.jpg
 photo DSC00114.jpg
*For Sea activities like Helmet diving, banana boat ride, Snorkelling, island hopping, cliff jumping interested parties please email yourreservations to or call +632 8880228 for further enquires.
Cliff jumping costs 1600 peso inclusive of 2 way boat trips and unlimited soft drinks, like I've mentioned earlier your can to take as many attempts at jumping off the cliff as there are no restrictions the number of jumps.
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