My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 1

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Post 2-My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 1
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Hello Dblchinis!
As you all know I'm a blogger who spent most of my time talking about beauty, yes a beauty blogger basically.
However, during the past few years I was given the opportunity to explore other genre other than my area of interest, say for example: travelling. And having said that I totally fell in love with visiting different countries ever since.
I've blogged about my trips to Japan, Bintan/Batam resorts and the most recent Krabi Trip, this time round I was most honoured to be invited to experience the beautiful seas of Boracay together with Tigerair maiden flight to Kalibo.
 photo DSC00064.jpg
The main organiser for this trip has made itself a household name for most of us, I've heard of so many different trips that they've organised for blogger participants like me, without them this "travel out to the seas" opportunity wouldn't happen just like that.
I'm thankful and grateful for all the great things that has brought on to me this 2013, 2nd half of 2012 is just crap (shall not elborate) even though my most glorious wedding took place that year. I'm looking forward to receive more great things and thank you to whoever is there to lend a hand!
Ok back on track, a little insight about Tigerair and yes, they have came up with a new branding named 'Tigerair', argh...I just couldn't get the 'ways' out of the whole lingo.
Tigerair SIN-KALIBO travelling schedule happens every  Mon, Thur and Sat (*subject to change in Sep). Flying 3 times a week is indeed a hugeload of conveniency for us!
* Flight Schedule Beginning September 1: Weds, Fri and Sun
Beginning October 7: Mons, Wed, Fri, Sun
Beginning September 1, will be Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Beginning October 7, we’ll add Mondays (Mons, Wed, Fri, Sun)
 photo DSC00067.jpg

 photo DSC00069.jpg
Here are the various bloglinks of my travelling companions!
 photo DSC00074.jpgTigerair preparing their aircraft. 

The captain and his crew.
 photo DSC00079.jpg
Boss of Philippins Tourism, Charles. He is game for almost anything and everything!
 photo DSC00080.jpg
Just in time, I literally captured the ribbon cutting ceremony, photo DSC00086.jpg
 photo DSC00089.jpg
The Traditional route to Boracay via Cebu and Manilla 
Route 1
Via Cebu: SIN-Cebu (3h45min), Transit (2-3h), Cebu-Caticlan (1hr), Caticlan-Caticlan Port (15min) Caticlan Port-Boracay (15min) Boracay-Resort (15min)Total Time needed = Approx 8.5 hrs
Route 2Via MNL: SIN-MNL (3h40min), Transit (2-3h) MNL-Kalibo (1hr), Kalibo- Caticlan Port (2hr), Caticlan Port-Boracay (15min) Boracay-ResortTotal Time needed = Approx 10.5 hours
Thanks to the new route, you and me can managed to save more time on travelling:
New All time Favourite Route
3. TR Direct Flight - SINKLO (3h40min), Kalibo-Caticlan Port (2hr), Port-Boracay (15min), Boracay-Resort (15min) =
Total Time needed = 6 hrs 10 min
My #OOTD, my fashion tip when u head to an island is to dress as lazy as possible. 1 word, Look SLACK!
 photo DSC00093.jpg

Nothing can stop a camwhore queen shooting a meaningless background with her face in it.
 photo DSC00097.jpg
Welcome garland and again, the face.
 photo DSC00100.jpg
Philippines TG representatives smiling from ear to ear.
 photo DSC00104.jpg

Traditional Philippines Dance to welcome us.
 photo DSC00106.jpg

 photo DSC00108.jpg
 photo DSC00110.jpg
These are precious memories to be kept, loving the colourful decorated shell pendant.
 photo DSC00113.jpg
So proud to be representing Singapore, off to our resort Boracay Regency!
 photo DSC00114.jpg

We are 1/2 way there, another 1 hour 30 mins of coach riding and an additional 15 mins by boat.
On our way to catch the ferry, we were provided prepaid sim cards from Hazel, the representative of Singapore Philippines Tourism, this is to ensure our readers/followers get realtime updates from all of us so that it syncs perfectly when I instagram about how wonderful this place is.
 photo DSC00116.jpg

 photo DSC00117.jpg

 photo DSC00119.jpg
After a long an bumpy ride, we have officially met the nightfalls of Boracay, well almost there I have to say.
 photo DSC00120.jpg

Upon Reaching Boracay Regency, we were greeted by the halls that are decently decorated and not too elaborate looking.
 photo DSC00125.jpg
Notice the sign t says 'Welcome Travel Related and Photography Bloggers from Singapore'
Hmmm... I got an urge reprimand the hotel staff for not utilising the extra space below to add on 'Beauty Blogger'
#$%$#$%  Divalicous or what?! Ok no profanities.
 photo DSC00128.jpg photo DSC00135.jpg

 photo DSC00133.jpgWhat an abounding number of passports.
 photo DSC00134.jpg
While the staff is preparing our room check-in because we'd requested for Sea-View, we were ushered to dinner. Yes After 8 or more hours of travelling (I need to factor in the extra 2hours for ribbon cutting), I'm glad we are finally here. However, rest assure your travelling time won't take this long.
Ok as I was saying, we were all famished as h*ll, d*mn this is hard for me by restricting the use of explicitly.
To be honest, I'm like super hungry but I know I'm travelling with a handful of photography bloggers I know sure cannot lose out, so I took like 1001 pictures before settling down to eat.
 photo DSC00136.jpg

 photo DSC00137.jpg
An art gallery of fishes, not ginormous but good enough to swallow my fingers.
 photo DSC00139.jpg
Filipinos are known for their singing ability, hyping up the crowd.
 photo DSC00141.jpg

Galore of shell-food
 photo DSC00142.jpg

Wines displayed neatly on racks.
 photo DSC00143.jpg
 photo DSC00144.jpg
Like the other, I'm well on my way to a being a food blogger, at the meantime this is very much half bucketed.
 photo DSC00149.jpg
William and I taking picture with an ensemble of 'Dancing Chefs'
 photo DSC00158.jpg

Another Talent acquired besides having good voices: posing.
 photo DSC00146.jpg

Doing my thing others cannot compete with, camwhoreing.
 photo DSC00159.jpg
The Lovely People I came with! Actually no, we are all vying for the exclusive 2 tickets (back to boracay) at the end of this campaign.
 photo DSC00160.jpg
And so, I had my fill.
Now let me give you a little room tour but before that , you can take a look at the various pricing of Boracay Resorts. Sorry if my price list is a little soggy looking, I've over-fliped it like 2 million times.
 photo DSC00021.jpg
So Here's my 'DELUXE ' room, pretty spacious I must say.  photo DSC00173.jpg
Tour of the walkway and bathrooms.
 photo DSC00163.jpg
Ok this is pretty much... hey you just chanced upon a Camwhore Roulette!
 photo DSC00168.jpg
Tv and my Dresser Table, I'm  pretty much on 1 channel for my entire stay. Who needs the TV when you have the beach?!
 photo DSC00174.jpg

Basic Amenities and sanitised toilet bowl.
 photo DSC00178.jpg
Yes the exciting part of the room, Door to the Balcony and is sea view!
 photo DSC00180.jpg
Ok hold your breath because is morning and I'm about to show you the real 'Boracay'
 photo DSC00181.jpg
Kua Kua kua, only a glimpse of the sea
but nevermind I'll get my chance out there!
 photo DSC00183.jpg

Last but not least and ending pose to wrap up part 1 of my trip.
 photo DSC00186.jpg
Ok let me try to caption this:
"Life is a never ending journey when taking pictures of yourself is mandatory."
Omg, this is terrible beyond proportions ok bye!

Stay tune for Part 2!

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*Trip is sponsored, Opinions are my own.

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