Family Day with CP Food Part 2/2

Hello Dblchinis!

I'm sure some of you who followed my blog read my previous post on cooking for my family (le husb and me only, pathetic lol!), we had so much fun munching on the yummy delights and therefore, you have now officially advanced to the part 2 of my post.This time it'll be a real challenge because I'll be cooking for a big party!

I was told to cook for someone I care about and I thought for the longest time, hmmm how in the world do I get to cook everything and not let the food go to waste? When my husband reminded me that godpa and our lil nephew's bday party is just around the corner, I see a good opportunity to seize the crowd and gain some cookie points. So here are the light snacks we've whipped up!
 photo DSC_0338.jpg

Here I'm showcasing my cooking skills in Jammies! 
I'm giving myself a pat on the back, whipping up a dish of sambal mussles which I never tasted in my life before. Look tantalising right!
 photo DSC00021.jpg
It takes me only 10 mins to cook this, pretty fast because the insides are already cook I just need to 1)thaw and place all of them in the frying pan, 2)stir in a spoonful of sambal chilli, 3)let it simmier a bit and we are done!

2 bags of snacks nicely packed in a CP Food Heater pack. 
 photo DSC_0342.jpg
Off we go!!!

Here's a cake for the old...
 photo DSC_0347.jpg

And cakes for the young!
 photo DSC_0348.jpg

Me carrying the little nephew to get a better look at his cakes
 photo DSC_0352.jpg
 photo DSC_0358.jpg
 photo DSC_0359.jpg

Can't helped but chuckle at this!
 photo DSC_0373.jpg

I delegated the photographer role to our niece Pheobe, apparently she did a good job at taking the food and cropping off human heads lol! I was like aramak! y u chop of ur papa's head? She hit me with a legit yet ridiculously funny reply and said that I instructed her to concentrate on snapping the food so whoever is dishing it out is not that important! *pengz*
 photo DSC_0380.jpg

Le husb helping himself to the mussle, I see slight improvement in Pheobe photography.
 photo DSC_0382.jpg
After that she got tired of playing around with the cam and handed it back to me. 

Everyone is enjoying the food I've prepared!
 photo DSC_0385.jpg
 photo DSC_0389.jpg

Pheobe and le bday boy Evan.
 photo DSC_0390.jpg
 photo DSC_0421.jpg

Everyone gathered around to celebrate Godpa's bday, what a joyous occasion and Evan is camping at the back exhausted from all that swimming activity he had earlier.
 photo DSC_0414.jpg
Thank you CP Food and Omy for the great opportunity to cook for my family and friends!

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CP Contest!
Ok I've done officially done with part 2/2, I'm passing the baton over to you. Don't worry, very simple and got very attractive prices to win!

All you need to do is :
1) Cook for someone you care,your family, loved ones or anyone you care enough about.

2) Post a photo on Instagram of your home-cooked meal, hashtag both #sgsmd2013 and #cpfoodssg in the caption to enter this contest.

  • 1 x $1,000 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal (product name must be included in the photo caption).
  • 1 x $500 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using non-CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal.
  • 10 x CP Foods product hampers worth $50

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