Boracay here I come!!!!!!

First, I had to take over more duties at work.
 Second my weekend was pretty much burned because I had 3 makeup looks (2 bridal and 1 sultry sexy look) to cover in a day and lastly a photoshoot(of me) on some upcoming plans (hush hush, it'll soon be revealed) on a weekend. 
And this week, like today, yes now! my first Special effects makeup attempt for a couple of cast, I'm nervous as hell because I'm a total virgin at this!

Well, not that I'm complaining about all the good stuff but I should get a well deserved rest from all the busyness! 

Thanks to, Tigerair & Philippines tourism , they are treating me an unforgettable getaway to Boracay! yay!

I secretly think that the universe has heard my calling, I mentioned about my last snorkelling experience in Krabi and that I won't be getting the chance to head out to the seas again without my trusty companion is NOW NO LONGER VALID! because a group of trusty organisation will be taking care of me and my needs! omg and snorkelling is part of the program, can you believe that?!!!!

Basically I will be updating realtime about Boracay and the beautiful clear blue seas, not reminding you that I'll basking right under the sun...umbrella. Even if the sun is high and mighty and might toast most of me alive, for the sake of the beaches I'm willing to pay for that little burn on my skin *immediately lathers body with highest level sunscreen*
I seriously can't wait because we not just going to lay out like logs on beaches (I'm not that lazy kays) but will be having a mouthful of helluva good food and other land activities like ATV tour, Horseback riding, cliff jumping (sounds sucidal but trust me I'm sure I'll come back in 1 piece with everything intact) , banana boat ride, helmet dive etc etc. I have so much to name but I'll leave it to your imagination. 

I'm sorry I don't have a picture yet but here's one with 2 hot ladies (not 3 incase u mistaken that backpack for an additional headcount) enjoying the sun! 
and s**t! thats a man on the right! (sorry, a double dose of asterisk because no profanities for this post) 
Later bye bye!

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