[Review] 3D SkinTech Treatment with Estetica

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With 33 years of long-standing history, I'm sure many of you have heard of the well acclaimed one-stop beauty station, 'Estetica'.

I was invited for a facial session last week located at Serangoon NEX (#02-37).
Greeted by the luxurious yet clean cut setting of the outlet, the interior was decked mostly in off-white shade and soothing soft light with a tinge of purple romance.
 Hmm, sexy and sultry but why purple?
It all came to light when Diana, the marketing manager gives an insight of the company. Purple's the favourite colour of Estetica's founder Maggie Png which eventually, needless to say became their corporate colour for Estetica.
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While waiting for my consultant Alice to get ready, I sat on this slightly bended oblong sofa which happens to be in the spectrum of purple as well.
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The corporate colour has taken itself to another level, tier of products displayed within the purple box definitely makes the shelf more attractive. 
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A small shot of tea was served upon the start of my consultation.
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After a brief exchange of self-introduction, to understand my skin condition further, Alice passed me a form with simple Q and A to fill in. I believed this is the Standard Procedure for first timers aka new clients, this way the therapist can address the skin condition better and customize a suitable facial treatment for the receiver.
Say for example certain products should be avoided if client is suffering from skin allergy or sensitivity. Take my case, I'm a chronic sufferer of Eczema thus my skin should be mildly handled and use of certain products should avoided to further trigger the condition.
 To further implicate my poorly built skin, I have Spider Veins (the correct term should be ‘broken capillaries’ but ‘spider veins’ might be more easily understood) all over my cheeks (slightly concentrated near lower cheeks and usually this happens around the legs) which needs to be taken extra care of, lesser pressure the better.
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 Aside from filling up forms and discussing about my skin condition, Alice actually kick started my pre-treatment magnified to a level 99 scan. This is supposedly the condition of a 'Healthy' glowing skin and...unfortunately this is not part my face. This is the part where the sun don't really shine (not my genitals either), have you guess it?
 photo DSC00132.jpg
Yes is my forearm! The skin around this area is so healthy you could barely believe your eyes.
OK how do we tell?
Notice the lines are pretty defined and uniformed, looks like little boxes if you see from afar. The deeper the groove, the healthier the skin.

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On the contrary when Alice used the device on my face, I immediately spotted enlarge spots that felt like freckles which are unlikely to be, freckles.
Let me tell you what these are, they are my most dreaded nemesis,
 Several images of these congested pores are presented to me at different areas of my face: inner cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. My gawd, an absolutely nightmare to witness this...
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After analysing my condition, Alice then proceeds to customise a facial package suited for my skin.
Aside from trying our their latest 3D Skin Tech Treatment, I will also be receiving the following (in no particular order) from this Brillage Radiance Facial :

  • Cleansing
  • Steaming
  • Extraction
  • 3D Skin Tech
  • Therapeutic Face and Shoulder Massage
  • Mask
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I was then led to a dim treatment room to begin my session. 
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Here's a full frontal shot of Alice and me.

Here I'm lying comfortably in Estetica's treatment room, there is something different about this if you haven't notice. The secret lies within the bed.
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 photo 358cc2df-ce5d-4707-8323-e528aa43f1fb.jpg
This latex memory mattress beneath me could be customised to my preferred high and angle at every section with its 3 silent hydraulic engines. Working closely with chiropractors and industry experts, Estetica developed a "Zero-Gravitiy" mattress that moulds the contour of my sleeping form distributing my body weight evenly. No doubt why I could receive total relaxation during treatment.

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Alice started with basic cleansing and when is all clean and ready, she then set me under a steaming machine to enlarge my pores before extraction.
I have to go through a slightly warm mist for approximately 5 to 10 mins during this process, Alice would then momentarily tap on my skin, 'testing' out the texture to see if the pores are ready for extraction. 
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I cannot deny the fact that every extraction hurts but I'm glad mine was minimised to a tolerable level this time round, it came to a point that my skin got immune to the pain that I was almost drifting in and out of sleep.

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Unbelievable amount of yucky substance from my congested pores.
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After Using ActivCalm Ultra-Calm Serum (which I will be bringing home for review), Alice proceeds to use a device on my cheeks which feels pretty icy!
This is the part when I got totally Zonked out, this segment really feels pacifying I didn't even know that Diana was still documenting my process, she handed me a few pictures (from my camera) so I could choose the best out of the lot. 
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Due to my hectic schedule, I haven't had time to head down for my regular massage session for the longest time.
This facial is like killing 3, 4 or 5 birds with one stone, I'm so looking forward to getting my muscles pinched!
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And now is time for mask. 
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You know your therapist is awesome when she takes care of not only your face but your neck as well.
The mask is made of organic nano grade fibres to help deliver and lock the treatment essence into the deepest layers of my skin. That’s why I can see immediate results after my treatment.

Me admiring myself in the mirror after witnessing how fair and radiant I look immediately upon removing the mask. 
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Alice knew my concern about having double chin and fine lines on my neck, so she decides to give me a bonus treatment to specially target the problem area.
 photo DSC00190.jpg
 photo DSC00191.jpg
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Although there is a significant appearance of slight redness around my neck due to my skin's sensitivity (which will subside in a day or so), the targeted area seems to flatten magically. If you look at the above picture (centre), usually this angle is totally unflattering and the double shows up pretty obvious but this case there is no obvious double chin!
This treatment must've removed the unwanted water retention and stimulated away a small amount of fatty tissue!

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This is how I look after treatment, despite my round-shaped face which can only be corrected with surgery, my skin actually looks smooth and clear.
I can feel the tightness of my pores and when I put my hands on my chubby cheeks, it feels less puffy and bloated. I believe Alice has flushed out most of my water retention via the lymph drainage via the massage I've received earlier . The best feeling of all is having less double chin than the usual self.
Alice also give a truckload of pointers to me on how to reduce puffiness by minimising water intake after 8pm, eating too much meat might be the cause of muscle tension and how to reduce sensitivity by partially replacing serum with moisturiser, etc.
Overall, I've learnt a lot more about myself during this 1.5hours session and I'm definitely thankful for that!

Reader's Special!
As part of Estetica's 33rd anniversary, they are offering a $33 trial price for their signature 3D Skin Tech Brillage Radiance Facial (U.P. $168). Visit here to sign up for first trial session!

Estetica’s 8 outlets are conveniently located throughout Singapore. Visit esteticabeauty.com to find out more or join their Facebook page www.facebook.com/esteticabeautysg for regular updates and promotions!
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A closing appearance of Diana, who has been the documenter of this post.
Thanks for helping me with all the photo-taking and answering to my queries!
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Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

Awesome facial...I haven't had one in ages!!!!!!! It really looks like they gave you brighter and healthier skin ^^

恵美より ♥

Anonymous said...

Thats one great review! very tempted to go too but scared of any hard selling :)

Anonymous said...

I went for a 3D skin tech trial at their yishun branch. It was just a very basic and normal 1hr facial. I wonder what does 3D tech means when No device or equipment was being used. The beautician also told me no need to change out of my clothes as no shoulder massage is included.

The worst part is their hard selling. The sales manager started to sell me their close to $2k package even before I get to try out their facial. I have been to many beauty salon, but this is the 1st I encountered whereby they expect customers to sign a package even before they try out...

none said...

I guess that's a very different experience from mine.. For me my facials with them are probably the best I have had. Very thoroughly done and very skilled. ��