[Part 4/4] Krabi 9th to 12th Feb- Wrapping up the last of Krabi

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Part 4/4 [here]

Hello Dblchinis!

This is a final wrap up of my krabi post so is going be a short one, not exactly a fart post but it'll be somewhat less (pics) infested than the other post.

So we have finally come to day 4 where there is no more nuah-ing around, I'm already getting the jitters to face reality. Daymn, I really wished I could live here like forever, enjoying the life of strutting around with just 2 tiny piece of clothing and nothing else. Think about how much I can save on doing laundry.

At the end of the day, a girl like me still belongs to the bustling city, so heres a side braided snapshot which I did for a couple of bucks before taking it down.
Is pretty similar to what Justin did for me in my last Shunji Matsuo post except that this is edgier. 
 photo DSC07595.jpg

The was literally braided onto my scalp and swing free half an inch from my ears onwards.
 photo DSC07598.jpg
 photo DSC07602.jpg
 photo DSC07609.jpg

I felt like a quarter of Jaden Smith for a sec. woots!
 photo Jaden-Smith-HD-Wallpaper.jpg
(image from Google)
I want a son like him!
Er no, I mean not like a black son, that would be committing adultery but one that is cute and loveable like him.

Lo gong and I spending our last few moments leeching off the lobby wifi.
He advances quicker than a kopitam uncle, usually they'll put their feet on the chair, He places his on the coffee table...Swee~
 photo 2013-02-12120345.jpg

This time the bus is empty FOR REAL!
Not like the last time, kena con for no reason. 
 photo DSC07611.jpg
Nice bitting of lips there Lo gong, u look like bart simpson. very sexy.

Our baggages. 
 photo DSC07612.jpg
Talking about that, Le husb say is very lao kui that we brought wheel luggages along, because most ang mo carry backpack/haversack.
I thought waolao sheng jing bing, then like this most ang mo got blond hair u also want to dye your pubic hair blond meh?

Checking-in at Tiger Airways. 
 photo DSC07614.jpg
 photo DSC07616.jpg

And now is all about waiting, meanwhile some pictures of the humble airport. 
 photo DSC07618.jpg
 photo DSC07619.jpg
 photo DSC07621.jpg

Omg us! I look like boy I almost mistook myself for his bf!
U study our faces ley, think can make cute baby like Jaden Smith or not?
 photo 2013-02-12144017.jpg

More airport pictures, shot out of boredom
 photo DSC07622.jpg
 photo DSC07623.jpg
 photo DSC07624.jpg
 photo 2013-02-12153132.jpg

It was raining when we board the plane, so every one was given the same exact umbrella that looked like a clustered of infinite twins.
 photo 2013-02-12153705.jpg
 photo 2013-02-12153742.jpg
 photo 2013-02-12154042.jpg

After 4 hours of flight, we finally got home safe and sound!
Now to unravel our shopping loots!

Actually nothing much, because the stuff they sell in Krabi are exorbitant! The shop owners have only one target in mind, to 'Tok' the Tourist until cui cui.

Got these cute elephant keychains thought!
 photo DSC07632.jpg

One for me(right) and one for lo gong(left).
 photo DSC07635.jpg
And did I mention despite behaving like an ah pek, he is the sweetest man ever? 
The pair above were bought by him and when he passed them over he mentioned nonchalantly "Nah, I bought these for us, u see which one u like"
Wah very wise can! really man of few words!
Actually I know inside he very happy one because like all other couples, we finally get to own a couple  'something' aside from the watches we purchased at Changi Airport. I no need to cut his brain up also can decipher his thoughts.
You don't say, if I born in the right era I would've been the 2nd Einstein.

Oh another present I brought back from Krabi are my Braids, is been a week so it looks pretty mess up by now.
Huge amounts of baby hair already escaped the knots and that's when I decide is removal time.
 photo DSC07641.jpg
 photo DSC07644.jpg
 photo DSC07645.jpg
 photo DSC07646.jpg
 photo DSC07649.jpg
I assure it'll soon look like me again after wetting my hair in the shower.

My trip to krabi is nothing short of awesome, it made me realised that shopping is not always the first priority when it comes to travelling.
 And even though it was my first experience with Snorkelling, I already got hooked on it real bad. I'm sure I'll do it again very soon (with or without my husband) even if I get 'peng' to boiling red by the sun.

Last but not least, I want to thank Tiger Airways for giving us a pair of complimentary flight tickets!
 photo DSC07626.jpg


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