The Bullies of our society

This is pretty rare, I seldom wake up at noon to do blogs and I'm not usually wordy (trust me, it gets better with practice). My inspiration only seeps in during wee hours of the night but I guess I'm too angry to continue sleeping and I needed to talk about this. 

Yesterday I received a work email from a supposedly lawyer in practice or maybe already a lawyer, trying to shed from responsibility by insisiting our contract to be null and void (which he had endorsed beforehand). 
ok since is work, I shall not go further on the confidentiality of this issue. 

Well of course, my personal opinion on these highly educated people behaving like primitive farmers has little to do with work and I'm glad I can go verbal diarrhoea over my ground.

I hate to stereotype but a huge fraction of lawyers are rogues, I've came across a few and they gave the same impression, down right conceited like way above all the rest. 
To be honest, these particular group of high society people went through a tedious and long educational road to allow themselves to behave barbarically? Aren't they suppose to be upright and righteous dedicated to defence the innocence?
I ever had one lawyer screaming at me over the phone, all I can do is apologised profusely to this obese bald man over and over again.

and... this, is how he looks like.
(image from Google)
I may not seen him in person but I already have a strong imagery of him over the phone (my husb also vaguely described him to me). I believed in order to get to this big, aside from burgers and chips, I suppose he eats people around him.
Is like 'Ahhhhhh! I'm so hungry! Ok, I'm not going to eat you scrawny woman but I'll munch your son instead"

The reason for engaging that particular bart-simpson look alike Lawyer started with my dad-in-law, he wanted to sue his contractor over a major renovation issue, sum of 50K(or more) losses.
The Contractor ditched the poorly renovated house, with haywire lightings (tripping like disco light), air-con units all taken down, walls are still hacked and bare. 
In short, the place was a wreck. 

Due to language barrier, my Dad-in-law had resulted in a wee bit of communication breakdown with his lawyer, thus my husb and I stepped in to take over. Apparently, the lawyer got so impatient with us, me actually(I swear I didn't say anything rude) and started screaming his head off over the phone. To be honest at that point of time, even though he's behaviour was similar to a young adolescence blabbering a whole lot of terms that I could make no sense of, I was somewhat afraid in offending him. Imagine adding on to the accumulated losses if we were to approach another lawyer?
 Also I was petrified with the way he uses those 'lawyer terms', it made me feel dumb and helpless. I had no choice but to contain myself and say 'sorry' many times over again.

There are times I couldn't helped but blame my incompetence for not accquring higher education, for not being able to stand up for myself. Well, after all I'm just an average adult in the society. 
 While, these people think I'm beneath them and for them to mess around with me was way easier by using law terms, I know for sure they can't break me apart. 

At the end of the day I'm glad I rarely cross path with these big bullies who wave stacks of money over their porches and licking shoes of the rich. And I'm of course grateful for you, my readers, for your constant visit even though I'm just a minuscule, barely noticeable blogger among the blogsphere. Thank you for being there :D


(Abrupt ending and I still have so much to say but I guess I've said enough for today)

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