Snippets of last weekend

This may sound a little misleading, ok the pictures here are not exactly documented last weekend, basically it carries way back to what I've been doing the whole week. The reason for this blog title is because majority of the photos that I'll be posting up will be from the weekend and for the weekend. 

However, it will eventually be broken down into a few blogpost, so not to worry if you haven't seen enough. 

Last week was pretty much a fruitful week, I've decided is time to take a break from work and put my concentration on the things I love to do and also social catchup. 
Is really not easy juggling so many things at once; work, blogging and school. 
If you haven't realised, I've been taking makeup lessons from Cosmoprof Academy every Mon and Wed so everything has been hectic and all. But no I have not officially resign from my job but have already converted myself to part-time basis, still need to make sure that I've enough money to feed myself :x

Ok enough of making money to feed mouths, I've many many happy pictures!

One of the works I did in school, an evening bridal look!
 photo 2013-04-292122.jpg

Went for Milly's Nail class, we learnt quite a bit that day!
My name was spelt wrongly and now I'm 'Doudle chin' lol!
 photo 2013-05-03051521.jpg

With Milly herself!
 photo DSC00030.jpg

Also Got my nails Fixed!
 photo 2013-05-03140955.jpg

My outfit of the day
I posted it on facebook and someone commented that I'm overdressesed, ok la better to over than under. 
 photo 2013-05-02174520.jpg

Practised a futuristic Anime look with Crazy Geo Lens received from Kimmy!
More pics on that in a later post. 
 photo 2013-05-02205157.jpg

 photo 2013-05-02210219.jpg

One of my #LOTD when I met up with Kimmy later in the week!
 photo 2013-05-03135822.jpg

 photo 2013-05-06175657.jpg

Spotted this Kate Magical Aurora Eyes makeup palette while shopping at Watsons
After swatching, it seems that the colour payoff is really awesome so I decided to get it ($27.00) and did a #eotd out of it. 
 photo 2013-05-06150000.jpg

Went filming with the NOC girls over the weekend and we had so much fun (although tired) spending the whole day together. 
I had so many pictures taken I wished I could show them to you all at once but I think it'll be better if I do it after they have relase the veedio!
 photo DSC00036.jpg

Dan from DANKHOO was there too!
He seems really soft spoken and friendly though we didn't interact much. 
 photo DSC00042.jpg

Had some ketchup time with the lo gong and friends, we went the other side of the world, J cube for dinner and shopping!
 photo DSC00050.jpg

 photo 2013-05-05234214.jpg

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