[Part 3/4] Krabi 9th to 12th Feb- Out to the Seas

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*Be warned, this is a image heavy post filled with tantalising food that will leave your taste buds drooling like never before, also a bunch of boobless bikini shots that will also leave your jaws dropping to your knees. *

You might've guess that I'll be blogging about island hoping in this post, so the title says it. 
There are a couple of island packages in Krabi to choose from, eg. Hong Island, Chicken Island (... what on earth!!!) and a few which I can't really remember and one which more widely known is the Phi Phi Island. 
We decided on that because it sounded like our Singapore 'Api Api' flyover, so I sensed that familiarity when the tour guide pronounced the Island name and went ahead with Phi Phi. 
*Tip: Try not to make island plans beforehand, when I said beforehand it means don't get any packages before you even travel to krabi because there are plenty of tour agents waiting to serve you when u get here and the prices are definitely reasonable. 

Lo Gong and I decked in beachwear shades and outfit to prepare our sea outing. 
 photo DSC07251copy.jpg
Holding onto our boarding ticket. 
 photo DSC07253.jpg
I'm going to jump straight to my lo gong concluded experience before I even start with this post. 
He mentioned that this will be the first and the last trip out to the sea with me because he couldn't stand the sight seasicking. As for me, I was having the time of my life and is a sad case not being able to travel out to sea again with my soulmate. Not that I cannot travel off shore with my friends but is just never the same without having a sense of security by my side. 

Once in a lifetime experience, literally :(

Different types of Transportation mode, you have Vans/ mini lorries/ coaches. 
 photo DSC07254.jpg
 photo DSC07255.jpg

Our mini Van was full to the brim when we climb on, so we took the front seats with the driver instead.
 photo DSC07257.jpg
 photo DSC07259.jpg

We turn around to take shots of the crowd behind and these 2 unidentified tourist are gamed enough to strike a pose for my camera, looking good actually!
 photo DSC07256.jpg

Speedboats on standby
 photo DSC07261.jpg
 photo DSC07271.jpg

horde of tourists coming towards my direction.
 photo DSC07264.jpg

This one, Epic.
I think I'm sorta a closet peeping Tom, dunno y I like to take such pictures but then hor u see the bigini  only 1 line (think they tuck all inside the 'oyster' to tan themselves) quite interesting what. 
 photo DSC07265.jpg

My eye make of the day, mascara only. 
Not trying to be vain (才怪!), just carrying out a smudge proof test for the Revlon photoready mascara. I presume that this product is only available at Changi Airport boarding area, didn't get to see any over at our local drugstores.  
 photo DSC07355.jpg

Sand in my toes.
 photo DSC07267.jpg

Sweet little girl enjoying herself at the beach. 
 photo DSC07269.jpg
 photo DSC07270.jpg

I'm awesome at taking reflection, but he ley?
 photo DSC07272.jpg
 photo DSC07273.jpg

 photo DSC07289.jpg

Waiting for the 2nd batch of tourist to come before we set off. 
 photo DSC07279.jpg

A Sampan anchored somewhere along the shore. 
 photo DSC07282.jpg

Tour guide giving a short brief and allocating us to different speedboats.
 photo DSC07291.jpg

Like a kiasu singaporean, first to climb onboard. 
 photo DSC07294.jpg
 photo DSC07295.jpg

On of the crews . 
 photo DSC07296.jpg

When we got in, we quickly chope the sundeck seats because it gives optimal view to whatever is happening outside and supposedly it is said to minimise motion sickness (but it didn't help for my hubs), then I gave a short glance through the narrow passageway to where the tourist are seated at the main deck and started 暗爽-ing, coz they no see outside beautiful. 
 photo DSC07299.jpg

Since there a couple of speedboats setting off together, it seems like they are engaging in a competition.
Huh?! What competition? Speedboat trying to overtake another in speed la. 
 photo DSC07300.jpg

Our tour guide, 'Michelle' in transition (one in blue) is giving a detailed brief of the day's itinerary.  
Incase you are staring at the guy with blue stripes in bewilderment, I can safety say that he is not Michelle. 
 photo DSC07302.jpg

A handful of Ang Mo's, Russians mainly, are very excited to get wet and are the ones who took up the most space. 
 photo DSC07307.jpg

 photo DSC07310.jpg

The wind in not in my favour, thus the weird hair.
 photo DSC07316.jpg

I think our first stop is Bamboo island.
 photo DSC07326.jpg

I took some of the corals home with me, is ok to keep a few basic corals for memory but please do not bring huge clams or other weird marine life home because it will be detained at the customs. 
 photo DSC07335.jpg
 photo DSC07343.jpg

 photo DSC07342.jpg

Lo Gong laying on the warm sand, I know u all trying to spot something in-between his legs but not to worry no ball slip except a spot of reflection from the sun which you might mistakenly take it as...u know what. 
 photo DSC07344.jpg

Being a noob to clear seas, I pronounce this clear. 
 photo DSC07346.jpg

Lets play, spot the mermaid.
 photo DSC07347.jpg

After we climb onboard, we are to get ready for our first snorkelling experience.
I swear this is happiness money cannot buy.
Sorry if my snorkelling gear looks as if it's giving the guy in the background a gay experience. 
 photo DSC07359.jpg

Swarm of fishes.
 photo DSC07366.jpg

Whoo! Done with the first dive of the day, what a salty experience!
 photo DSC07363.jpg

Now for some scenic shots.
 photo DSC07374.jpg
 photo DSC07376.jpg
 photo DSC07413.jpg
 photo DSC07423.jpg

From Clothed to unclothe and now the ass.in.my.face yo.
 photo DSC07433.jpg
 photo DSC07436.jpg
 photo DSC07440.jpg
 photo DSC07441.jpg

Next, Maya Beach
 photo DSC07443.jpg
To be honest, humans come up with the dumbest things. See that measly area that was cordon off with strings and white floating devices? Thats the designated swimming area!
Like what about the rest of the beach area?! Unfortunately they used to anchor speedboats. How nice.

So instead of swimming at the over crowded area, we decided to explore Maya Beach a little.
 photo DSC07449.jpg

I uncovered some nostalgic kampung life.
Mother hen is pecking the soil in search for worms for her little chicks.
Awww... aren't all mummy the greatest?
Glad this series of pics came in handy, Happpy Mother's Day to all moms out there!
 photo DSC07451.jpg
 photo DSC07452.jpg
 photo DSC07454.jpg

Frantically digging for worms.
 photo DSC07453.jpg
 photo DSC07462.jpg
 photo DSC07467.jpg

 photo DSC07488.jpg
Living on male ego and looking pretty. nb, the only time when this bastard helped was the-making-of cute chickens.

We explored a little more and found an area with seawater that only rises up to our ankle. What we didn't know was, there's a bigger surprise over at the other side of what you see here.
 photo DSC07470.jpg
 photo DSC07482.jpg

Captured a water snake. 
 photo DSC07471.jpg

Across this bridge and the flight of wooden steps...
 photo DSC07473.jpg
 photo DSC07474.jpg

Lies the vast sea!
 photo DSC07475.jpg

In order to prove that I'm adventurous, this is a must've shot, posing along the stairs which leads to rough stones and rocks. 
 photo DSC07479.jpg

I have no idea whether these are temporary tent pitchers or the locals which pitches tents as a part of their home. 
 photo DSC07483.jpg

 photo DSC07491.jpg

A touristy pose. 
 photo DSC07493.jpg

And a peacock suddenly appears out of nowhere...
 photo DSC07495.jpg

The works of nature. 
 photo DSC07497.jpg
 photo DSC07498.jpg

Wah wah wah, a camwhore shot so rare I'm gg strike lottery. 
 photo DSC07501.jpg

See what I mean?
All boats, no space for swimming. 
 photo DSC07502.jpg

One of the crew, I think he v scared wait my husband throw rocks at him so he grab the strap on my sling bag instead. 
 photo DSC07504.jpg

Next stop, Monkey Island.
 photo DSC07509.jpg
Actually there is no stopover for this (unless you r happy to volunteer as bait for these monkeys), the boat just drifted near to the trees and let us grab a few shots.
Le lo gong say this is the most bo liao segment of all. Monkey what is nice to see?
But not say like that wor, u see humans are the monkey's descendent many centuries ago, they have arms and legs like us and they eat bananas so does we and...*Zzz..zZz......*

See that family tree, get what I mean Tree?
Like happy Tree friends like dat. Oh, not 3 friends? My mistake. 
 photo DSC07513.jpg
 photo DSC07514.jpg

Demonic Monkey. 
 photo DSC07521.jpg

And So here comes Lunch!

We stop by this place called the 'Chao Koh Phi Phi' island for lunch.
At this point I'm glad for taking pictures of the signs/road names during my trip, they helped me so much without having to crack my brains or to google for area names.

Buffet lunch is provided in the package, so I helped myself to 2 rounds of serving because I was famished after so many activities!
 photo DSC07525.jpg
 photo DSC07526.jpg
 photo DSC07527.jpg
 photo DSC07529.jpg
 photo DSC07530.jpg
 photo DSC07531.jpg
 photo DSC07534.jpg
 photo DSC07536.jpg
 photo DSC07524.jpg

After lunch, we had sometime to steal and husb and I took a stroll around the area.
 photo DSC07540.jpg

The thai's are really welcoming, think I've mentioned this before in the 1st and 2nd part of my trip but I guess is worth mentioning again.

Initially I was trying capture the pizza (below),  So I had some difficult and was moving around my camera with the empty portion facing me. When the store assistant (red butt woman) came over, I was expecting her either gesture me to go away or simply ignore me but instead she twisted the pan to where the slices are visible just for me to grab a nice angle (even though I failed) and briskly walk away after that. I was like, Where got people so nice one?!
Now U know Thai's are nice, when it rhymes like a dime
 photo DSC07537.jpg
 photo DSC07538.jpg
 photo DSC07539.jpg

View of Chao Koh Phi Phi in Krabi, in chinese we call it '吵个屁屁' 
 photo DSC07541.jpg

A stretch of shops along the coast. 
 photo DSC07543.jpg

 photo DSC07545.jpg

I stepped into this tattoo shop and fled like superman after the tattooist demanded 20baht for phototaking. 
 photo DSC07544.jpg

Plenty of tour agents around, so no need to worry about not being able to book packages pre-hand.
 photo DSC07549.jpg
 photo DSC07547.jpg
 photo DSC07548.jpg

More tattoo shops.
 photo DSC07550.jpg

Cocktail signs hung around the tree bark to attract customers in for a drink.
 photo DSC07551.jpg
 photo DSC07552.jpg

 photo DSC07554.jpg

Best Mojito, wu ya bo?!
The cocktails I drank at Krabi all taste like crap one ley. 
 photo DSC07555.jpg

 photo DSC07553.jpg

This, is the picture that ease me in having to remember the island name.
 photo DSC07560.jpg
 photo DSC07561.jpg

 photo DSC07566.jpg
 photo DSC07563.jpg

ok lor.
 photo DSC07565.jpg

 photo DSC07568.jpg

My mascara still staying strong even after a series of water activities.
 photo DSC07572.jpg

After lunch we have officially proceed to last and final activity of this trip, a 2nd round of snorkelling!
Previously we were given 15 mins near another island and this time 45 mins of waddling in the sea! YAYS!
 photo DSC07576.jpg
 photo DSC07577.jpg

To attract the fish (what snorkelling is all about-> Fish viewing) we need to throw bits of rice into the sea.
Here I have with me two handful of rice.
 photo DSC07578.jpg

Le Loh Gong: "OK! U jump from here (sun deck) straight into the sea and I take you in action! I say 1,2,3 and u Jump ok!!!"
I nod my head excitedly and prepare to jump...
 and then... 
 photo DSC07579.jpg

a splash of water caught on camera but nothing of me in action. Kua kua kuaaaa...
 photo DSC07580.jpg

This is when my head submerge like a premature ejaculation, Over and done with.
 photo DSC07581.jpg

He didn't catch me in my proudest moment but at least he bothered to compensated with pictures of me swimming around in life-vest.
And this person in red vest, aside from stealing my glory by swimming the same pace as me, he also choses to block my path.
 photo DSC07583.jpg
 photo DSC07584.jpg

Thats me raising my hand in glory or not?
I think I did the same thing to Dan Khoo in his latest I-cannot-say-what-title-yet video. Ya inside I act calefare only but very shiok can do the hand-sign in his face.  
 photo DSC07585.jpg
This marks the end of my Snorkelling experience, it was fruitful and fun!
However, I'm afraid there is one thing I do not enjoy, the sun roasting my skin. Even with generous amount of sunblock I was toasted like a barbecued lobster.
Now, It'll take weeks before I get back my default skin tone :( 

By the time we are done with everything, is almost 4pm in Thailand.
So having sometime to kill before dinner, we head down to one of the resorts for body massage.
Knn it was the worse massage ever, We waited 40 mins for our massage to begin and it wasn't even enjoyable. They are like a bunch of hungover kittens pressing our bodies, no strength one.

The opportunity to do nothing but camwhore while waiting
They should have told us earlier since we have 40 mins to spare, we could've gone for a quickie!
 photo DSC07590.jpg

And last but not least, dinner!!!
This time we head to Are Are Baba neighbour (in part 1), I've long forgotten the name but is not worth remembering coz the food not so nice.

Le lo gong having orleng juice
 photo 2013-02-11192502.jpg

First time I opt for mango, tasted quite alright.
But trust me, other dishes really not nice one. 
 photo 2013-02-11192531.jpg

My arms had gotten so tan to the fact that if you dismembered me,  you'll thought it belongs to someone else.
 photo 2013-02-11192905.jpg

The usual high Cholesterol driven meal.
 photo 2013-02-11195455.jpg
 photo 2013-02-11194021.jpg

Clam that looks like a... I rather not say. 
 photo 2013-02-11194046.jpg

 photo 2013-02-11194025.jpg
 photo 2013-02-11194411.jpg

My favourite dish of all times, any meat cooked basil style. 
 photo 2013-02-11194419.jpg

 photo 2013-02-11194441.jpg
 photo 2013-02-11195427.jpg

I missed bobby so much, I'm willing to pay to see him again!
So this time I managed to get lo gong in the picture together with bobby.
 photo 2013-02-11214321.jpg

 photo 2013-02-11214328.jpg
 photo 2013-02-11214347.jpg

Wah wah lo gong, I give you a bit of fame you come take all, have to outshine me like that or not?!
 photo 2013-02-11214433.jpg

 photo 2013-02-11214448.jpg
Ya ya, now we all know, you attention seeker.
 photo 2013-02-11214445.jpg

OMG! LIKE FINALLY! I thought I'll never reach the end of this blogpost, my fingers beginning to feel tired, they've gotten more than enough exercise for today.

Thats all for my day 3 in Krabi, stay tune for last post soon!


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