Behind the Scenes with CHINAMAN [PSY Gentlemen]

Hello Dblchinis!

I've actually been itching to publish this post since the day NOC Filmed this!

I figured since Mr Chinaman (aka Dan Khoo) has live this Epic Video, I supposed is green light to all behind-the-scenes shots with my camera :P
Minuscule as it may sound, I'm still very excited to be part of this awesome production! Basically my role is to appear as one of the calefare (dancers) and helping the main leads (Felicia & Nina) with their makeup. I'm proud to say I made both of them very happy even Sylvia (Script NOC), nods her head with satisfaction. It definitely feels great to get acknowledge !
At this point I'm feeling really grateful (and I will continue to with greater effort) to everyone especially Ryan(director NOC) for responding to my facebook msg way back last December, which is why I get the chance to be part of the 'Psy Gentlement Parody' today.

Ok less talk and more pictures to kick off this Epic-ness.

The crew getting ready early morning, we reached our first location (private pool at a condo) at 8am!
Ryan and Dan in discussion. 
 photo DSC00001.jpg

Franster aka Mr Wong giving a victory sign.
 photo DSC00002.jpg

Us getting ready in "Action"
 photo DSC00005.jpg
 photo DSC00007.jpg
 photo DSC00010.jpg

Me in Nina's car proceeding to the next location, we took the opportunity to camwhore at a red light junction. Omg y I made her so chio one?!
 photo DSC00012.jpg

Our 2nd location-Clarke Quay Open atrium
Girls are practicing their Sway-hips dance via the reflection 
 photo DSC00014.jpg

Feli Feli (one of the main leads) and me. 
 photo DSC00018.jpg

Subtle and sweet makeup for Nina.
 photo DSC00019.jpg

I gave her a very neutral warm shade since she part of the back up dancer on our day of filming.
However, her pranked face was drawn by sylvia when she filmed with Dan on separate day.
 photo DSC00020.jpg
 photo DSC00021.jpg

Felicia's subtle smokey eyes.
 photo DSC00022.jpg

I somehow went stronger with this look as feli is the main lead for the day.
The gloomy deep eyeshadow gave her slit phoenix eyes the wanted energy and attention, I know I could do better with my blending but time was really crucial to everyone out there, so somehow I didn't achieve what I really hope to see (a well blended smokey eyes) but given the time frame I'd said I did my best. 
 photo DSC00025.jpg
 photo DSC00023.jpg

Sylvia, me and Feli
 photo DSC00029.jpg

And my first meeting with Gwen, one of the Dancers too!
 photo DSC00031.jpg

A well deserved break for lunch at Haji Lane Prawn Mee store before heading to the back alley to continue our Lancing. 
 photo DSC00032.jpg

With Jerrica, omg I totally love her deep set eyes! like totally~ 
 photo DSC00033.jpg

Together with Nina and Feli, our pictures are beautified to level 99 with the graffiti wall behind us
 photo DSC00037.jpg

Dan at FleshImp, our clothing sponsor for 'Chinaman'
 photo DSC00039.jpg

Fran and me.
I mentioned to him that he can officially auction off his boxers after the releasing of this video.
 photo DSC00040.jpg

A very warm and friendly Dan,  he is very mild manner and soft spoken and not chinaman at all lol. 
 photo DSC00041.jpg

And finally a triple shot of Felicia and our Mascot Mr Horsehead
 photo DSC00043.jpg
 photo DSC00044.jpg
 photo DSC00045.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and Go watch the Veedio again, again and again!


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