[Swatches + Review]The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadows

When The Body Shop sent me 16 of the 30 stand out mono eyeshadows launching this 21st march, I was totally in awe.
I see so many perfect summer colours which I could incorporate into my makeup collection. Well most comes in pearl while a few were matte, these intense shades could be applied either dry or wet. 

The eyeshadow, also called colour crush eyeshadows for this case are made with crushed pigments in Italy to bring out high quality eyeshadow for you and I.

Staying true to 100% cruelty free, I feel safe and guilt-free using their products, at least no animals were harm in the making, not even bugs. 

My favourite shade is a Hot pink colour (310 Berry Cheeky) found at the furthest end of this pic. Also I'll be ending this post with a simple #lotd using the eyeshadows from here. Read on.
 photo DSC08043.jpg

From top:
001 Sugar Glaze
110 Stand by me
101 Golden Girl
 photo DSC08047.jpg
 photo DSC08050.jpg
Plenty of highlighting colours here suited for the brown bone, tearducts and waterline. 

From Left:
301 Rose Espoir
305 Rose Timide
310 Berry Cheeky
 photo DSC08052.jpg
 photo DSC08054.jpg
Everyone knows pink is a dangerous colour for eyeshadows, is either your make it or break it.
I choose to put it to success by using pinks as a spot on colour instead of a all over lid thing. 

Clockwise from top left:
415 Midnight Flirt
515 Blue Over You
005 Steel My Heart
501 Head In The Sky
 photo DSC08060.jpg
 photo DSC08065.jpg
The story of blue is very much my strength, probably because of my skintone.
Blues and greens always pop when I wear them on and I can say that this a piece of cake creating a eye look with the above 4 mono colours. 

From Left:
201 Melt My Heart
210 Bronze Bliss
 photo DSC08067.jpg
 photo DSC08068.jpg
Aren't these the colours of goddess?
The shimmer is intense, vibrant and rich going along with the warm hue.

From Top:
215 Coconuts About You
220 Chocolate Linger
225 Brownie and Clyde
 photo DSC08070.jpg photo DSC08075.jpg
The essentials for smokey eye look, lots of browns. 
The pearl shade on 225 compliments so well with the rest of the 2 matte shades (215, 220) it definitely bring out a intense smokey look for a party night out. 

605 Sweet Pea
 photo DSC08079.jpg
 photo DSC08083.jpg
The only Green I've received on the collection, is a minty green that totally blew me away. I can see myself sporting this colour with shady pastel outfits!

One of the looks I did using colour crush eyeshadows from The Body Shop
 photo DSC08101.jpg
 photo DSC08119.jpg

Colours used:
305 Rose Timide
301 Pink Crush
310 Berry Cheeky
215 Coconuts About You
225 Brownie and Clyde
 photo DSC08122.jpg
 photo DSC08125.jpg

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