BLACK BOX Curiosity Satisfied [February Edition]

You heard about my introduction on Black Box and I'm sure many of you Dblchinis have already received February edition right at your doorstep.
I've also received from my very 1st Black Box and really happy to talk about it too! photo DSC08007.jpg
 photo DSC08009.jpg
For those of you who are still keep in the dark (ok pun):

  features exclusive premium treats ranging from pampering hair masks, delicious and wholesome snacks to delightful savings to personal care services and retail products. Providing customers an easy-to-follow, easy-to-order lifestyle kit at no cost, offers more than just beauty products and is the very first unisex subscription box service in Singapore.

 Black Box has taken itself to the next level with versatility targeting man + woman and getting featured in Business Times a few weeks back. Hurray for that!
A bundle full of goodness! photo DSC08011.jpg

 photo DSC08020.jpg
  L'Oreal Total Repair5- Deep Repairing Mask
 photo DSC08022.jpg
L'Oreal product always carries a nose-friendly scent, the moment I open the sachet I can detect the familiar signature L'Oreal Fragrance in the product.
Despite describing about the superficial feature, this product really does its job! It nourishes my very damaged hair, is so easy to run my fingers through them now!
L'Oreal Men Expert- Pure and Matte Charcoal Black Scrub
( $11.90 /100ml)
 photo image1.jpeg
Being 'Charcoal', it sure lives up to its name by having all the aspects of dark black coal in this product that at first freaks me out a little but once is deem washable is not that scary after all.
It contains 2000 beads for every use , that's suffice for the scrub to reach deeply into pores unclogging them to remove oil, dirt and other form of impurities.
I don't expect it to smell so manly even it is suited for the alter sex but yes it does and I'm definitely not planing to keep them for myself. Le hub, here you go!

Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey
($6.30 /box of 6 pouches, 2 bars per pouch)
 photo DSC08012.jpg
A welcoming snack for teatime during a long day in the office. Enriched with real honey and rolled oats, the sweet stuff is all about boosting endorphins. Tell me, who doesn't want to live life happily?
Darlie Expert White
($5.90 120gm)
 photo DSC08031.jpg
 photo DSC08034.jpg
What more can I ask for if it cleans, protects and whitens?
Don't get me wrong, I like conventional toothpastes but I like it even more if one that helps to polish and whitens too.
This awesome travel size is going to come handy when I leave for Korea this weekend.
Dr Jart Detox Blemish Base Spf 25/PA++
($15/15ml, $33/50ml)
 photo DSC08024.jpg
 photo DSC08026.jpg
 photo DSC08025.jpg
 photo DSC08029.jpg
I'm awe by the technology, nowadays the BB creams are no longer dull and grey like in the past. This actually blends really well onto my skin concealing the lines and impression effortlessly.
The security seal on the tip also makes me feel at ease, means is all brand new, no tampering with, no messy over drip when I first twist open the cap.
ést.lab SunShield SPF 50
($66.00 /30ml $70.62 after GST)
Quote 'Blackbox' during purchase to enjoy $20 off every ést.lab SunShield SPF 50
 photo DSC08035.jpg
 photo DSC08038.jpg
This product comes out milky with black speckle when I first place it on the back of my palm but it slowly takes the colour of my skin tone as I begin to spread them. I like how it adjust to accommodate my skin colour making it impossible to differentiate my actual skin tone and the product shade.

Have you already subscribed to Black Box?

Simply subscribe at and key in “DblchinBB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box with at least 4 deluxe samples in April delivered right to your doorstep.!

Also, Black Box will be conducting a give-away on their Facebook page soon so “Like” Black Box on Facebook now!


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