Vanity Trove- Box January 2013

Hi Dblchinis!
I nearly forgot to talk about this month's Vanity Trove, A delicious pack of stuff (regardless for the skin or taste-buds) that was sent to my door step.
Nothing's been changed for the New Year, still the same box of generous goodies like in 2012

This time round I got new releases from Brands like Bi-festa, non-rinse make remover for dry skin.
It comes in a limited edition trial kit that include:
  • 30ml trial set non-rinse make remover
  • Marusan Selena 5ply cotton puffs

    I've tried this water based remover which don't seems feasible for my dry skin. It doesn't glide very well and makes removing makeup an endless job :(
    The only good thing is, at least I know is made water based so I won't develop unwanted milla/oil seeds. I'll probably skip this on occasions where I have heavy makeup on but definitely consider it for daily cleaning.
    It seems like a suited product to remove waterproof sunscreen and a good replacement for facial foam. Note: Only for light occasions.

This product smells slightly stronger than most skincare products, it has this overly sweet scent that is neither whelming my nostrils nor therapeutic.
Like it or hate it? Guess really boils down to different individual.
Product comes with the cutest tiniest spatula that is placed at the top section to ease the trouble of using finger dipping method.

I enjoy the feel of the product, very smooth and easy application but like I say earlier, I can totally go without the sweet smelling scent.
However, the word Collagen makes me wanting to keep this product in view, so for now I shall set it aside to KIV

Slim Secrets- Snack Attack
A hunger bar for the working class that needs something to chew on during tea break. Actually most companies do not offer tea break so everyone's to succumb their asses on the seats of their cubicle instead of the pantry.
So I guess this is what the bar comes about, open your drawer filled with loads of unhealthy junk, chuck them aside and whip out this 4.3 inch....snack bar (damned, I actually got this measured with a ruler) and start munching your way to a healthier life, don't let your fats embrace obesity every again.

Essence Sun Club
Hi, please hit me in the Nuts, like hard (glad I have none for you to), this is too good to be true.
Because of my pale yellow skintone I rarely go for bronzers but I know deep inside beyond my body I always wanted to try these shimmering sun kissed shades that might just win me a beach babe title.

I dunno how will I react when I physically apply this on my skin because is like planting ebony onto ivory but "thank you! thank you! thank you!" Vanity Trove!!! Now I have something new to play with.

My Beauty Dairy -Q10 Rejuvenating Mask
I yet to try this mask but as per written on packaging
"Purpose: Antioxidant and Nourishing"
I heard so much about My Beauty Diary and now is time to really give myself a try. Hopefully it doesn't feels too sticky, I totally resent those masks that feels so yucky, they leave marks everywhere.

True Life LingZhi Immunity

From the first look I wonder if is this a new collagen drink yet again but to my surprise is actually something different.
 It contains all the ‘补’ stuff, more tonic based than your conventional inner beauty collagen drink with the extracts of  red dates, Lingzhi powder, Longans, wolfberries, etc.
This 50ml Lingzhi is very Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) suited to boost the body's immunity.
However, please take plenty of water if you decide to start this course of immunity drink because with all these potent ingredients your might cause your body to start feeling 'heaty' and the common sore throat will pop by for a staycation.

YuskinA Yuskin
I came across Evonne's instagram talking about how this product controls her Eczema on her shoulder blade and was pleasently surprised when I found this in my Jan VT's edition! A good chance for me to try this out, my occurrence to eczema is always on my eyelids. Hmmm... I wonder if this is safe to go near the lids...
I shall do a skin test and see how I react to this!

Thanks for sending in all the awesome stuff Vanity Trove! Cya next time round :D

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