New Video by N.O.C Night Owl Cinematics

Hey hey Dblchinis, a shoutout post for today with very little relation towards makeup and/or fashion, instead a short comedy film that will be up this Sunday.
Here's tease for you:
Special CNY Behind The Scenes + Bloopers (credit scene) veedio by Night Owls Cinematics!

Incase you haven't notice, N.O.C is run by a group of young energetic filmmakers that is always giving their best in making us laugh (sometimes uncontrollably)

Fyi I'll be appearing in this short production too, honored and happy, I'll be playing a role of my forte: Bitching.

So here are some behind-the-scene shots,

Production team working very very hard hard.

Bracing the sun

Babes with oranges

And here's me :D

Stay tune for the upcoming film with N.O.C. More updates on their facebook page !

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