[Review Harajucute] Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner

Hello Dblchinis!
Remember I talked about receiving Bonavoce eyeliner from Harajucute Package in my previous few post?
Here's a detailed review with lotd for you.

Brush tip is really fine, however the ink from the liner seems a little tough when dispensing. I had a hard time drawing my eyes because it was so tough to glide across. I'm not sure whether the liner has dried up a little on the one I've received or is suppose to be like that across the board.
The colour is intense and I love how dark I'm able to achieve with this liner. Also it is pretty smudge proof.

Here's a pic of my eyes at the end of the day with the liner still staying strong.

I'll probably go a few more tries and hope it'll gets season out over time so it glides smooth because this is definitely not helping on people with sensitive skin, especially eczema.
However, I'm not gg to give up so easily because I really like the stark jet black and its resistance to smudges.

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