Visit to Pasir Ris Dog Farm

This Blogpost is all about Dogs!!! yes dogs!
Finally we can get rid of the human for once, no puke induce camwhore shots, no makeup review only for the ladies! 
Definitely a relief for you I'm sure. Take your time to indulge in the cuteness of these furry creatures and simply go 'ohhhh' 'ahhhh' and 'awww' like a exploded orgasm. swee~

On one sunny weekend, we decided to bring our furballs to the dog farm. Before we even head out, they already exhausted themselves by jumping and prancing frantically at our garden.  Photobucket
Excitedly panting away, these 2 fur kids are well on their journey to dog Paradise.

When we reach the Dog Farm (Pasir ris Farmway) the first thing every dog does is to inspect each other's butt. I'm not sure whether they are sniffing out for shit or just simply checking each other balls out.
My husband once told me a story about dogs' balls, I'm quite uncertain whether should I even share the story with you guys because is way beyond proportion, almost epic I must say. 
Anyways I decided you should just brace yourself for the most ridiculous short story tale you will ever heard of :

"Dogs, big, small, furry or botak, would usually would hold their bi-annual meeting near a tree top, (I'm have no freaking idea y they even need a meeting!) They would hang their balls on the branches of the tree for a more relaxing discussion. One day, as usual they hung their balls on the respective branches and suddenly a fire broke out sending every dog in panic. It became so chaotic the canines simply grab any pair balls in sight before escaping.
So till this date, the dogs are still sniffing around at others property hoping to rediscover their long lost balls.

Sounds legit actually.

Check out this white fluffy Jap Spitz, seems like he is having some trouble walking on fours. Wonder y I know of his gender? Previous picture of his balls peeking behind his hind legs would tell u so.

Adequate exercise is very important for dogs especially when they are getting on age, at this present moment running freely will speed up their agility and give them room for freedom.
No point keeping a dog at your backyard everyday for the rest of it's life. Photobucket

This curious dog came by when my Silky puke the toy out just to head over a nearby a bark for a piss.

shih tzu lazing around like what it's breed does best.



Balls check.
Btw this french bulldog, almost got into a fight with my curly wurly Schnauzer.

I have no idea y would my (in-law) dog would get into fights but this is my first attempt bringing him out to the dog farm. Perhaps I should let him interact with other dogs more often so as to release the tension.

At the end of the day, I tell you what I dread most about bringing them to the farms, Showering these muddy creatures!
My Complain only lasted for a short while when eventually I get to sniffle and cuddle at a clean fluffy pup.Photobucket

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