Kawaii touch with Hello Kitty lip Gloss

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Hey dblchinis!!!

Look What I'm holding in my hands!
yay Lip Glosses from Hello Kitty~

Ok actually I used to be a hater to Hello kitty, I can't wait to dismembered its neck pull out the cotton fill and jump on it a million times.
I can't explain y I didn't like this kitty, probabaly is puke inducing cute, I duno y.
However, I have learn to kinda accept the little kitty eversince my Japan trip to Sanrio Puro Land.
Is a place that time stops and I get to reminisce my childhood days thinking about how NOT cute(fml)I used to be.
Not much of a fan still but Loving the gloss indeed.

The shimmer in this little tube is gg stain my lips in a short while

Roller applicator that doesn't really glides that easily, probably because the gloss tends to be sticky after a few applications.
To avoid that problem, I'll wipe clean the roller everytime I use it.

Time for a delicious looking lips, want some hunny?

even if I'm not wearing any lipstick here it kinda jazz up my kawaii look a little with the gloss.
I think my eye makeup here is Oh so Awesome.
Applauding is not necessary.

This gloss comes in 7 erupting shades.
(Lemon Incest, Orange Mecanique, Strawberry fields, Pinki Paradise, Big Apply, Eau de coco, Blueberry Nights)

Get yours now at Watsons!

* Hello Kitty Sold Exclusively at watsons for S$12.90


Konayachi-nyan said...

Sweet lipgloss!! <3 I would carry it everywhere because of its cuteness instead of using it =P

나니 said...

Ahhh you cutie youuu : D

Shirley Tay said...

I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty, dear! So cute!

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