Steamcream, A tin of goodness.

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Hi dblchinis!!!
Look what I'm holding in my hands?

And my nose!
a little lovely tin that is filled with yummy ingredients not meant for nomming

is the STEAMCREAM <3


Ya la! handmade moisturizer from Japan, a high quality and natural product with traceable raw ingredients that are bound by steam-infused process to create hydrating moisturizer.
It is easily absorbed into the skin and perfect on-the-go product for women with busy lifestyles.
It is opaque in colour and feels really light on the skin.
Smells funky though, is like a combination of ointment and mint smell.
This handmade product is so natural it is suitable to use all over the body & face, or anywhere you feel that's dry to the touch.

It contains :orange flower water<---pretty complicated eh but it improves elasticity, very good ley.
of course key products like, jojoba oil, Coca butter & Pure essential oils.


Besides my usual Valentine's collection, SteamCream has many other designs to choose from.

So pick one now to suit your moood & when you are done with the product, store as a collectable or reuse it!

*SteamCream is available at BHG, Watsons, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa & Unity


Moni said...

they are really awesome and perfect for the heavy airconditioned places!

btw what lovely green make up are you wearing here :) looks great and st. patty is coming !

Anonymous said...

Omg dblchin please share with us what palette is that.. the green is so nice! :D

twenty4seven said...

I saw this when I went to watsons.I was so curious I just want to open them up but of course they're sealed LOL.but yeah, wondering what steam cream is.thanks for the info! xoxo

sugar sugar said...

i haven't tried this but it looks like a luxurious cream. :)

Blogger said...

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