EOS from Kiwiberry1- sultry purple

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Hello dblchinis!

Another pair of Kiwiberry1 Lens once again.
Remember I've blogged about the pair of brown ones I've received previously?
Purple stands for sexy & sultriness.
With a balance of cool.

Love the flower petals surrounding my iris.
nothing can be far more happening than wearing purple liner from Loreal luminzer with purple contact lenses.

Color: Violet
Dia: 14 mm
BC: 8.6
Water: 38%

When life gives you unexpected surprises, be glad to accept & make full use of them.

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♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

wow perfect combo of circle lens and eye liner! I love this color and looks beautiful on you ^_^

Jen said...

Love your eye make up *___*

Konayachi-nyan said...

Purple looks so great on you! :O I only have brown and blue, I think I scared to try other colour. But I will be sure check on purple.

Pretty eye makeup too jj! <3 xx

Anna said...

They look YEARS better on you than on me, wow. Love the whole look, your eyes are shining!