Xmas happenings

Hey dblchinis!


I had a fruitful X'mas, how about u????

Wore this furry wurry top out to a house partyyyyy

Smoked out my eyes deep purple to complete the entire sultry christmasy look.

Didn't pop any colour contact lenses after the soreeye episode.
I'll wait a while longer before I put on these amazing lenses again.

Super love the weaving details on the outfit. Simply gorgeous.

Taken frm my iphone :)

Was invited to a frd, Andrew's hse, the bf of my closest frd.
He's Indian catholic & I have to say his mum is a great cook in Indian crusine and shes an awesome host too! I hungrily pinched on a piece of drumstick before I left.
His daddy is the key photographer there, zooming in those hugeass lenses and capture priceless expression of all of us!

2 of my awesome friends!
Alfian And Yuzaimi
These 2 pretty boys takes a long time to dressup, when they came I'm already done with dinner!

My bestie, girlfriend, jie mei

Pretty blessed to be spending this not so peaceful night with my closest frds.

Mr Lim
He hates camwhoring with me.
Dunno y, maybe coz I look chioer than him.

Hope u all had a great one too!


Vanilla Sencha ツ said...

Happy New Year dblchin. Hope you had a blast on NYE. You look amazing and I adore your hair. So prettyyyy *jelly face*. I always want my hair to be like that but I never ever had *sob sob

Jen said...

Love your eye make up!! ^^ glad you had a lovely xmas & NYE!

나니 said...

Happy new year! I'm a sucker for purple smokey eyes >: D and you look so damn cute : D

我是贝比@baby said...

Hey, pretty.. Hay new year^^