OOTD- Babydoll top with Grey Leggings

Hi dblchinis!

So sry I've been indulging in CNY food until I missed so many days of blogging. That explains the weighing scale too.

Just to show u an outfit of the day I wore last week.

This baby doll top had been snoozing in my closet until spring cleaning arrives. So I paired it with this pair of comfy grey leggings.
I love baby doll dresses simply because it elongates the rest of my body making my legs appear slimmer and leaner.

Despite major weight gain with rounder and bigger face, I manage to stay slim in photos simply because of my contacts.
It enlarges my iris making my eyes looking bigger and wider & the rest of the features look smaller instantly.
This pair is from Freshkon dezigner lenses (Green Solitaire). Major love!

sorry for the loooooong hiatus! I'll be updating again!


kawaiikimuchi said...

you still look amazzzzinggg! ^^ I am in middle of exercising my holiday foods away (^^;

나니 said...

oOoooo I like your makeup : D and girl please... you don't look a single pound heavier!

Rachel said...

happy new year! you look soo pretty! as always :)

Jessica said...

your eyes are amazing! lenses and lashes, so that's the trick eh!? i shall try that :)

Carla said...

Love ur contact lenses! If contact lenses can show slimmer face theni want to try but m too scared! Oh and u definitely dont look fat!

Autumn Candy said...

Don't worry babe you still look gorgeous and pretty! And you don't look like you've gain weight at all IMO.