Go easy on shooting extraordinary images with Nikon1 J1


Hi dblchinis!
I always wanted to take awesome pictures, something that fascinates people but I never could do with a DSLR,
Is pretty tough to understand how it works.
My friends vomited a bucket trying to coach me. Srsly, their explanation is poor to the max.


*more silence*

Maybe is just me.

Now with Nikon1 J1, I'm now a (self-proclaim)PRO
See with so many 1's
this camera bound to score distinctions.

I believe I'm the first few who got to try out this chic looking Camera together with a few other bloggers
Briefing session on how to use Nikon 1 J1

Here are a couple of Nikon 1's interchangeable lenses, served for different functions.
While most of them are holding the pancake lens, I'm using the Standard Zoom 10-30.

If you notice, there is catch at the side of the lens that allows me to zoom in and out according to my preference. It also serves as an 'ON' button for the camera.

Test shot
see how it focuses on one area and blurred out the rest?
Like that I can adjust the focal point at me, MYSELF, DBLCHIN!!!! and blur out the rest of my friends.
Woooweee! This is Major love

precised sharp image without flash.
See AMARA Hotel on your left?
When I zoomed in my pics, I saw one hotel guest showering in of the windows.

Nahhhh... Just joking.
Not funny I know.

Taiwanese Blogger Xiao Bao checking out the cammy.

This is Xiao Bao first visit to our sunny island and he is gonna guide us on how to take great pics and most importantly, have fun.
PhotobucketLinkThe 2 lovely ladies next to him are planking experts.
Yes, u heard it right. Plankers.

The lady on the extreme left is Jinyu & the petite size girl on the right is Karren.
Self introduction and covering more about today's activities.

We will be visiting locations like little India's bright fascinating shop houses
Fullerton, where one Gigantic Merlion stood,
although u might just catch many other Humanlions loitering around at wee hours of the night.

Time to set off!

This is Holly Jean, she's holding Pancake 10mm Lens!
Good Photograhy + hot model

Hi Adrian!

Wearing FreshKon Dezigner lenses to try out the effects of this camera.
This Camera plays really sharp image.

Even thought my lens is much bigger than the pancakes, it is actually pretty light thus makes it really easy to camwhore with it too.

I'm like her avid stalker, I know where she lives!
No la! I saw her a couple of times near the area where I stayed.

Our first stop!
Where bloggers gather around preparing to shoot.

Against this background.
Like how the colours pop out of the ordinary windows and walls.
Dislike the motorcycle random parking at the extraordinary background. *kick*

JinYu and Karren preparing to put on their sari (indian costume) for our shoot :)

Meanwhile we tested the camera with the HD Slow motion video mode.

So drama right!
This is like a 5 sec video recording but it stretches to a minute long.
So the actions panned slow and you can create fascinating visual with this~

Took a pic with Garland
He's from Nikon and we chatted quite a bit.
He carries an accent that he claims that it is not accent and he doesn't have any.
Complicated much?!
well...So long I understand what he is saying that's all it matters.

I'm still getting the hang of camwhoring with this camera thus only a fraction of me was shown here :(
But what matters is I got Peg in the shot! niase~

The Girls are finally ready~!

JinYu preparing to plank!
Shes bracing the hot sun and about to bake her face in it.

ok in fact both of them are frying their faces on the ground.

Now Xiao bao is gonna do a slow mo jump over them!
Hope he don't crush their faces.

One final majorly slow fascinating twirl of the sari

Actually the way both of them twirl is like super clumsy and uncoordinated but this camera function makes it so graceful and synchronize.
So next time shoot yourself with J1 while digging your nose really fast, I believe it will come out pretty artistic too.

This camera is mad love I can't help camwhoring!

Random low rise HDB that is not so artsy but I insist I...Am...Kinda...skilled.

That's a miniscule shot of Holly.
Holly's not that small, she's actually pretty lean and tall.

In order to make the watch stand out, Alvin's face MUST be blurred.

The tale of Mr Prata.
The story begins when these girls are playing with the prata and it accidentally flew on the ground.
So I picked up and eat it my camera and shot it.
The end.

Indian Temple along little India.
I'm still trying to capture my angles although I think I'm pretty good already.
Really, is self-Promote Proclaim Professional.

I will talk more about the Merlion in my next entry, be sure to stay tune!

*All images are taken with NIKON 1 J1 with minimal editing.


Anna said...

As you know I badly want this one, simply because it's a compact DSLR and I can't carry my big one with me wherever I go, I've tested it a few times at Target's so far and lovelovelovelove it

Uma Preve said...

Seems like a cool camera! Nice pics!

나니 said...

You look so so so gorgeous! ^__^ and I love your lashes! Ugh I want a fancy camera too :C

Jenny said...

the effects of a dslr but much smaller and lighter! awesome stuff! :)

Soh Hong Wei said...

Very cool camera!

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing